3 Essential Fire-Starting Tools To Bring Camping

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There are all kinds of things to think about when you’re preparing for a camping trip. One of the necessities is a set of tools that will help you make a fire. Here are three essential fire-starting tools to bring camping.

Flint and Steel

The first essential fire-starting tools to bring camping are flint and steel. People have been using this method of fire for ages. So it’s safe to say that this is a tried and true method that works and has endured for a reason. To start a fire with this method, you need a piece of flint and a piece of steel or iron. You then strike the flint against the steel to create sparks. You’ll want to aim these sparks at something like a char cloth or dry tinder to create your fire’s flame. The great thing about this method is that it works regardless of moisture conditions and the tools you need are minimal and easy to carry.

Bow and Drill

The bow and drill are the next fire-starting tools you should bring camping. Using them is one of the oldest known fire-starting techniques in history. The bow and drill use friction to generate heat and create a fire. There are a few materials you’ll need to make your own bow and drill. You’ll need a fireboard, a drill, a handhold, a bow, a bowstring, a coal catcher, and a bundle of tinder. The kind of wood you use for your materials makes a difference. So look for dead, dry wood of a medium density to start your fire.

Fire Piston

The third tool you should bring to start a fire while camping is a fire piston. A fire piston is a tool that uses the method of rapid air compression to ignite tinder, which you can then use to light the kindling. This tool originated in Southeast Asia, and people have been using it to start fires ever since. The fire piston consists of a hollow cylinder and a piston that has a circular ring. If you use the proper techniques, the fire piston is a simple tool. It’ll help you start a fire quickly and efficiently while camping.

Now that you’re aware of three necessary tools to bring camping to start a fire, you can add them to your set of supplies. Next time you prepare what you need to pack for a camping trip, make sure to include these essential tools.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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