4 Ways To Improve Your Home and Backyard Privacy

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Your home is supposed to be just that—yours. When neighbors want to pop over uninvited or study you from their windows, it doesn’t feel like it’s just yours anymore. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, the knowledge that your nosy neighbors are watching can make the atmosphere uncomfortable. Keep those neighbors at bay with these four ways to improve your home and backyard privacy.

Add a Fence

Fencing is a classic option for improving your backyard privacy. Any type of fence will indicate that your property is yours, but if you want to keep prying eyes out, you’ll need to invest in a tall, solid fence. Wood and metal are the best materials for a privacy fence and can even add value to your property. The only potential problem is that fences typically border other people’s property lines, so your neighbors may try to prevent you from adding one. See if you can come to an agreement or add your fence within your property line to avoid conflict.

Change Your Landscaping

Maybe you already have a low fence that you don’t want to replace, or perhaps you don’t like the look of your current fence—you can change your landscaping instead. Planting scrubs, trees, or even bamboo along your property line will create a kind of living fence that provides shade and privacy. However, these living fences face the same problem as a traditional fence: if they border your neighbor’s property, you may have to discuss your landscaping plans with them. And if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, you may also have to obtain permission to plant certain things.

Build a Structure

Building a structure in your backyard is another way to add privacy. Even open structures like decks and pergolas provide shade from the sun and protection from prying eyes. You can also add privacy shades to the sides of your structure for extra protection. And structures will make hosting a party even more fun, since it will give your guests somewhere to safely congregate.

Install Security Cameras

If your privacy problems aren’t just in your backyard and you’re concerned for your safety or the safety of your property, you should consider installing security cameras. Many of these cameras connect to smart phones, so you can always check on different parts of your property, even when you’re away from home. While installing security cameras should be a last resort for addressing safety issues, any nosy neighbors trying to creep over the property line will definitely behave themselves if they see a recording in progress.

You can utilize one or all of these ways to improve your home and backyard privacy. While some of these solutions do require talking to your neighbors before making changes, they will work wonders once you can implement them. A private home and backyard will allow you to relax, host parties, and do whatever else you want.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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