5 Ways To Exercise During a Camping Trip

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An active lifestyle takes time and dedication; having a healthy daily routine is the best way to stay in shape and decrease stress daily. Taking vacations is another way to balance work-life activities and disconnect from a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you’re taking a break, here are five ways to exercise during a camping trip to make your time more enjoyable and active. These exercises and activities are ideal outdoor activities that will boost your mood and enhance your camping experience.

Adventurous Hike

Exploring safely while walking up and down a mountain is the best way to take advantage of your time on vacation. Interacting with nature and getting to know what’s around you is an entertaining way to exercise, especially if you add weight by carrying a backpack with you.

Bodyweight Squats

If you like exercising first thing in the morning, the best exercise is bodyweight squats. These are simple, and you can do them anywhere with a flat surface; the best thing is that you don’t have to lay in the dirt. Doing 20 repetitions for four series will help your body start fresh and stretch your legs and back.

Bike Ride

Taking your bike to explore and experience your trip differently will allow you to make more memories and go further. An electric bike is the best way to stay safe and get an extra push when you need it. There are different ways to charge your e-bike battery while camping to ensure you take full advantage of your rides with safer practices.

Go for a Swim

Staying close to a lake or somewhere with an outdoor pool gives you extra options to exercise and have fun simultaneously. If you’re camping near a lake, first make sure it’s safe to swim. Some lakes have underwater plants and weeds that could become dangerous. Swimming keeps you active, especially during the summer.

Go for a Jog

One of the best and most simple ways to exercise during a camping trip is with a nice jog. All you need is your running shoes and a good attitude. Jogging at the beach makes it more challenging, which is ideal if you want an intense workout.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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