5 Ways You Can Make Your Fire Last Longer

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We build fires for warmth, cooking, and light. When we build a fire, we want to make sure that it stays lit for an extended period. Fortunately, after many years of camping and relying on fire pits, we have several ways to extend the life of a fire.

Use the Right Kindling

Every firepit needs some form of kindling to act as fuel for the flames. You may use numerous things to kindle the fire, but you’ll want to rely on wood since it’s the most accessible.

The wood you use will either make your fire last longer or only extend its life for a finite amount of time. Look for hardwoods like oak or birch that will burn longer and dry quickly. Dry woods burn longer and create more heat, so using multiple pieces will keep your fire burning steadily for some time.

Make the Best Shape

When things burn, the fire tends to follow a path depending on the flow of gravity and the shape of the burned material. Pile your kindling in complex forms or structures to make sure it burns longer.

If You Don’t Have a Dry Space, Make One

When camping, you may have some damp or moist soil underneath you, which will make a campfire challenging to start and maintain. Since you don’t have a dry space available, you will have to make your own with the materials around you. Gather as many dried leaves or rocks as you can; dry off the stones as much as possible to ensure that no dirt remains, and place them in a dry area.

Structure the rocks and leaves into a large platform to build a firepit over. The dried leaves will act as kindling when the wood burns away, and the stones keep the damp ground and the fire separated.

Choose the Best Placement

You should build your fire pit away from any source of moisture and try to protect it from harsh winds. You’ll want to start your fire in a completely dry place surrounded by large structures, such as trees or large rocks, to shield it from the wind and allow the flames to burn longer. If you use your fire pit on your patio, the bulk of your house will protect the fire from the wind.

Utilize the Ashes

After you have already made a successful fire, there will be ashes left over that you may use to strengthen it. Sprinkling the ashes over the kindling will improve the dry quality of the wood and make it burn longer. The ashes from that fire are usable for the next, and the cycle will continue until there is no longer a need for a fire.

A quality fire is a beautiful thing, especially when outside. These methods will help build a lasting fire for you and those around you.

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Written by Henry Johnson

Photo by Ernest Mazarekic on Unsplash

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