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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

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These apps provide a range of functions to users that will keep you motivated for your next hike, and could help guide you on tricky trails. Start hiking smarter by checking them out today.

Guthook Guides: Hike & Bike Offline

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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

This is almost universally used by hikers on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Colorado Trail, and many others. The app provides your location along the trail, waypoints to the next water, camping, town, major junction, and resupply all without relying on cell service.

If you are off the trail Guthooks provides the direction and distance to return to the trail. Notes within the app provided by a community of hikers updates information on trail conditions.

Locus Map

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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

Clearly the most advanced map application for outdoor navigation. The maps are really detailed with even the smallest routes included. It has an incredible number of features and settings. You can use different map layers and altitude shading, record tracks, measure distances or import your own gpx/kml points.

Locus is great for geocaching. The maps are completely offline. The app is free to use. Downloading offline maps is paid, however, the first 3 maps are for free and then it’s very cheap (map of Germany costs $2).

SAS Survival Guide

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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

The app is a portable survival guide that was based on the famous bestselling book of the same name. It contains all 400 pages of the book as well as added bonuses like helpful videos, step by step guides, photos of edible plants, a sun compass, and so much more. Its one of the first apps you should install if you plan to hike in more remote areas.

Green Tracks

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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

If are a hiker looking for an app to help you when on the trail it can be difficult to shift through the dozens of different one out there and find the best one. All claim to be just what you need, but most fall short. Green Tracks is definitely on the shortlist of those that perform as promised and, in my opinion, the best android hiking app available.

Why is this app better than the rest? At first glance, there is a good chance you will doubt my decision to recommend Green Tracks. The screen looks outdated, like a through back to the ’90s, but this is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. Once you start using the app, you will realize why it is my recommendation as the best hiking app.

This app is one of the most user-friendly hiking apps available. While many of the competitors require an engineering degree to navigate the menu or figure out the various features, Green Tracks provides a simple, clean, and easy to use design. When it comes time to use the app, you will find it contains 11 types of online maps, including satellite, road, and topographic) and a wide range of live data concerning your hike. Whether you want to track your track, measure ascent, or see an elevation graph, its right there at your fingertips. Most important is a large number of free maps available when offline. This is especially important if you find yourself hiking in remote locations where the signal is intermittent or non-existent. Finally, there is no need for a subscription. Many of the competitors offer free versions but limit your access to features unless you upgrade to a fee-based version. Not so with Green Tracks. The app is free and does not require an upgrade to access any of the features.


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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

AllTrails is a great app for Android users to find hiking trails in your neighborhood. Wherever you might be, quickly find the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail run by length, rating, and difficulty level. Filter by dog or kid-friendly trails, or find trails with great views.


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6 Apps for Android Users who Hike

It is an amazing app that can show you the name of a mountain peak in just a few seconds. The app combines the information from your camera and your location. What I really like about Peak Finder is that it works worldwide and has perfect functionality offline. So you will not need cell coverage. Actually, PeakFinder has also many other cool features. It allows realtime rendering of the surrounding landscapes in a range of 200 miles, selection of viewpoints, and birds fly view.

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