Amazing Packrafting Spots in the United States

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Much like hiking, mountain climbing, and camping, packrafting is a great way to get outdoors and connect with nature. Packrafting involves paddling down rivers in a small inflatable vessel that’s easy to bring from place to place. When planning a packrafting trip, it’s essential to pack everything you need and to conserve and protect the wilderness you explore. Here are some amazing packrafting spots in the United States that we recommend for folks interested in getting their feet wet.

Brandywine Creek, Delaware

It’s easy to recommend Brandywine Creek to beginners looking for a great place to start. The gentle river in this state park doesn’t provide too great of a challenge and offers a positively gorgeous rural landscape to take in. As you paddle down the river from Delaware into Pennsylvania, the waters start to pick up but feel free to stay close to Delaware’s fantastic vistas.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the most breathtaking states and naturally offers some amazing packrafting spots in the United States. A few rivers surround Jackson Hole, such as the Snake and Hoback River. While many of these rivers are newcomer-friendly, Wyoming’s weather conditions, such as fierce winds, can make the water a tricky place. As a safety precaution, watch the weather before heading out—but seeing these rivers in all their wonder is an experience not to miss.

Harpers Ferry, Maryland

The Potomac River is one of the most renowned in the United States, and these waters connecting Maryland to West Virginia are ideal for the packrafting enthusiast. The beautiful whitewater flow of the Potomac is matched only by the great wilderness of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of America’s most elegant, beautiful, and awe-inspiring sites is the Grand Canyon. While many aims to hike this canyon, packrafting through the rivers offers an equally impressive experience for those who prefer to be out on the water.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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