Best Way To Prepare Your Watercraft for the Season

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Now that we have just turned the corner into the new year, you might already be thinking about plans and activities you’d like to do throughout the year. Getting the watercraft out of storage might be on the radar for those who invest their time into water sports and adventures. Before making a plan, cross-examine your preparations with this handy list of to-dos.

Consider the Cosmetics

You’ll want to keep the exterior of your jet ski clean. This care and thorough upkeep might seem minimally necessary, but these steps can make a significant difference in how well the bodywork withstands the test of time. Ensure you prepare the watercraft for the season by thoroughly and adequately washing all the components and removing any built-up dust.

While washing and drying, inspect the components for signs of wear or crack, as they can be the first indicators of future problems. The sooner you address things, the easier and less expensive they will be to resolve.

Inspect Your Gear

One of the most important parts of owning and operating a personal watercraft is investing in the appropriate gear for you and the machine. This includes wet suits, life jackets, water shoes, and gloves.

Regardless of how in-depth your gear supply is, spend time inspecting it all before riding for the season. If you need to make an upgrade, the pre-season and off-season is the best time to buy. Inspect your gear, check for wear and degradation, and invest if need be.

Prep the Engine

After inspecting and spending time with the exterior and components of your machine, you must turn to the interior and the core functions. This area always includes the engine, battery, and components that tie into these elements.

Check the wiring and how it held up over winter, including the spark plugs and their function. Usually, the first incident to occur when riding season kicks off is an issue with the spark plugs. You might need to add coolant to the engine, so don’t forget to check the reservoir.

Perform Updates and Maintenance

As you’re washing the exterior and working on the engine, you can simultaneously make a running list of all the areas that need updates or maintenance. By keeping tabs on things as you work, you can simplify the preparation process and stay organized if you have a lot to do.

Once your list is complete, stay on top of it before the season begins. Once you put your watercraft in the water, you may find it difficult to take it out every time something comes up. Perform all necessary updates before the season begins and consider performing preventative maintenance to prevent problems.

It’s exciting to think about preparing your watercraft for the season ahead, but try not to let excitement cloud your judgement regarding its viability. The season may be cut short if you don’t spend time beforehand in prep mode.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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