Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2: Ultralight Backpacking Tent Review

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Key Takeaways

– The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 is an ultralight backpacking tent that weighs only 2 pounds 8 ounces.
– It offers a spacious interior with its hubbed pole system and two-door layout.
– The tent’s semi-freestanding design keeps the weight to a minimum but requires proper staking for stability.
– The Tiger Wall UL2 is designed for 3-season conditions but may struggle in strong winds and heavy rain.
– It provides good ventilation with its mesh body but lacks built-in vents on the rainfly.
– The tent offers ample storage space with two doors and vestibules.

Design and Weight

The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 is renowned for its ultralight design, weighing only 2 pounds 8 ounces. It achieves this impressive weight by utilizing lightweight materials and a semi-freestanding build. The tent’s hubbed pole system provides structure and stability while keeping the weight to a minimum. The two-door layout adds convenience and allows for easy entry and exit. However, the tent’s lightweight design sacrifices some durability, and careful handling is required to prevent damage to the thin materials.

Livability and Space

Despite its lightweight design, the Tiger Wall UL2 offers decent livability. The tent’s vertical head end and center ridgepole maximize interior space, allowing for comfortable sitting upright. The two-door layout provides easy access and eliminates the need to climb over a partner during the night. However, the foot end tapers aggressively downward, which may limit space for taller individuals or those who prefer more foot room. Additionally, the semi-freestanding design requires proper staking out of the foot end for stability, which can be challenging on hard surfaces like rock.

Weather Resistance

The Tiger Wall UL2 is designed to handle most 3-season conditions well. The tent comes with a complete rainfly that provides excellent coverage and protection from rain. Pre-cut guylines are included for added stability in windy conditions. However, the semi-freestanding build of the tent makes it less sturdy in strong winds, and proper setup is crucial to prevent sagging in the rain. The rainfly lacks built-in vents, which may result in condensation buildup during humid weather.


The Tiger Wall UL2 offers good ventilation with its mesh body, allowing for airflow and reducing condensation. The mesh panels provide breathability and help keep the interior cool during warm nights. However, the rainfly does not have built-in vents, which can limit airflow and increase condensation during humid or rainy conditions. Proper site selection and setup can help mitigate this issue.

Storage Space

One of the standout features of the Tiger Wall UL2 is its ample storage space. The tent comes with two doors and vestibules, providing a total of 16 square feet of usable space. This allows for easy organization of gear and provides separate entry points for each occupant. The vestibules are large enough to store backpacks and other equipment, keeping the interior of the tent clutter-free and maximizing livable space.


The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 is a lightweight and feature-packed backpacking tent that strikes a good balance between weight and livability. Its ultralight design makes it ideal for backpackers who prioritize weight savings without sacrificing too much comfort. The tent’s hubbed pole system and two-door layout provide a spacious interior, while the semi-freestanding build keeps the weight to a minimum. However, the tent’s durability is compromised for its lightweight design, and careful handling is required. The Tiger Wall UL2 performs well in most 3-season conditions but may struggle in strong winds and heavy rain. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile option for backpackers looking for a lightweight and comfortable shelter on their outdoor adventures.

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Written by Martin Cole

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