Common RV problems you will likely experience

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Even though RVs have differences in amenities, size, weight, build materials, and overall quality and durability, they do share some similar issues that owners may face. Just like any other product on the market, time and use (or lack of use) affect the functionality and resilience of RVs. RVs are susceptible to problems because they mimic homes while remaining mobile at any given moment. Even regular cars have issues. When you add in the features of a home, you’re bound to encounter a few “hiccups” over the years. Here are some of the common RV problems you will likely experience!

Water line and pump issues

Most RVers utilize their recreational vehicles during the warmer months. After all, few individuals appreciate being in the cold unnecessarily. Because of this, most RV owners store their vehicles for the winter. When storing your RV, make sure your water tanks are empty to avoid the expansion that occurs when water freezes, which can cause pipes to rupture or damage your pump. Damage to water pipes and pumps is a typical issue that necessitates repair work on RVs across the country because everyone periodically forgets or overlooks little details.

Toilet issues

There are numerous alternatives for avoiding the urge to use the restroom when camping. While stepping into the woods or using a public restroom are both valid options when camping in an RV, this negates one of the key benefits of having your own private bathroom. Toilets in traditional homes can last a long time, even with normal wear and tear. When you combine the portability of an RV with the bumping and bouncing that occurs as it moves, your porcelain throne’s lifespan can end up drastically reduced compared to its fixed, at-home counterparts. Water may not stay in the toilet bowl, or it may constantly pour in the toilet bowl due to valve or rubber seal issues. These are two typical problems with RV toilets. Although it may seem like you can postpone addressing these concerns, you should handle them as soon as possible. Toilet problems can not only disrupt your water supply, but they can also result in water damage, which is far more expensive to repair.

Roofing issues

Because RVs are movable, the roofs and windows possess different construction designs than those of a traditional home. The roof and windows on regular homes have materials that are more suitable for long-term exposure to the weather. However, the same materials don’t work on your RV since it needs to be mobile. Your RV’s roof is identical to the sides and doesn’t have shingles or tiles to keep the weight down. Your roof can become damaged due to constant exposure to direct sunshine, low-hanging debris (mainly tree branches), and many other factors that cause RV roof leaks and damages.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on the common RV problems you will likely experience. While these problems may be worrying in the moment, you can feel reassured that there’s nothing you can’t do with the help of proper tooling and a bit of know-how!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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