Common Things That Damage Your Car’s Paint Job

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There’s nothing better than having a car that drives well and looks great. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding the wear and tear of the road that you can encounter when going on long camping trips.

A good paint job is all there is standing between your vehicle and the elements. Knowing what to watch out for can make a dramatic difference in the lifetime of your car’s paint. Here are a few common things that damage your car’s paint job.

Dead Bugs

It’s impossible to avoid bugs while driving to your camping destination. Over a long trip, you can get significant amounts of buildup on the windshield, mirrors, and grill. Bug splatter can contain harmful acids that erode your car’s paint, making it essential to keep everything clean.

Using the wrong type of cloth to clean can cause just as much damage as doing nothing at all. Washing your car with a microfiber mesh or a bug sponge after you get home will result in a deeper clean without contributing to further damage.

Loose Stones

Your car and the others on the road will constantly kick up loose rocks, stone, dirt, and debris, which can chip your paint or cover it in abrasive materials. While on your way to the campsite, you’ll likely come across some dirt or gravel roads that could potentially damage your paint.

Watching out for small chips and dings that could eventually rust will allow you to protect the rest of your coat. There are many reasons why you should protect your car’s paint job, but extending the life of your paint is probably one of the most important.

The Elements

Whether it’s the sun, snow, rain, or sleet and hail, vehicles experience constant exposure to the elements, meaning you must protect them to ensure the paint job lasts. If you encounter bad weather while camping, you might want to consider doing maintenance as soon as you’re home.

Using a paint sealant after you wash and wax your car doesn’t just make your vehicle look great—it provides an additional layer of defense. Remember that sealants can damage your car if not applied correctly, so you might need a professional detailing service to ensure the best results.

Learn the Best Methods for Protecting Your Car’s Paint

No matter what type of car you have, the paint job is the first thing people will see, and it’s the first line of defense against rust and other issues. Knowing the most common things that damage your car’s paint job will give you an idea of where to start as you protect it.

With enough attention and care, you’ll have a car that lasts through all your biggest camping trips.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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