Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

Centralizing the Fishing Community

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

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Months ago we stumbled across an app called “Fishbrain”, we became intrigued and were desperate to find out more about this unique concept. Fishbrain is the one of a kind in how it works and how it is designed to help you improve your fishing game. Centered around prioritizing your time, it focuses on giving you both quality and quantity when it comes to catching fish.

Fishbrain 101

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

Fishbrain BiteTime™ – the world’s most advanced fishing forecast

  • Data-driven insights present the best time to catch particular fish species, ensuring anglers are prepared ahead of their trip
  • Data is analyzed from Fishbrain’s 5.4m catches and over 30 geographical attributes, including the weather and climate

What is Fishbrain?

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

Fishbrain is the world’s most popular mobile app and social network for people who love to fish. Bringing fishing into the digital age, the free-to-use app, with more than seven million users worldwide, helps create the best possible fishing experience by providing everyone – whether beginner or pro – with the tools, insights, and support to fully enjoy the world’s most popular sport. 

Fishbrain, twice named by WIRED as one of Europe’s Hottest Startups, was founded in Stockholm in 2012, with the app launching in 2013. The startup has fostered a passionate and collaborative community, by helping them take their technique to the next level, arming them with the tools and gear needed to succeed. 

Fishbrain also has has announced the launch of Fishbrain BiteTime, the world’s most advanced fishing forecast. The feature, available as part of Fishbrain’s Premium offering, provides users with data-driven insights on the best time to catch particular species of fish, making it easier than ever to land their dream catch. 

How does Fishbrain BiteTime™ work?

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

Fishbrain BiteTime utilizes cutting edge machine learning capabilities to analyze data from the 6 million catches already logged on the app and over 30 geographical attributes (including sun altitude, moon phase, temperature, air pressure, wind speed etc.). The tool takes into account climate data and trends, tailoring to how 50 different species of fish react to such conditions. Fishbrain BiteTime replaces Fishbrain Forecast, a tool launched in 2014 which was based on much simpler statistics. 

Using this data, Fishbrain BiteTime presents, in the form of easy-to-follow bar graphs, the optimal time to catch a particular species of fish on any given body of water around the world. For example, if a user was planning on fishing at Pillar Point Harbor in San Francisco, they could see that the best time to catch a largemouth bass would be at 4am, or that noon is the best time to catch a peacock bass at El Rio Canal, in Florida. Fishbrain BiteTime allows users to plan their trip accordingly, giving them the best possible chance to catch more fish. 

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

“Fishbrain BiteTime is a revolutionary tool for anglers and embodies our aim to give people who love fishing, whether novice or pro, the tools to have the best fishing experience possible.  Fishbrain does all the complicated work so that the user can focus on the fun bit, catching fish! We are continually looking for ways to enhance our offering as we aim to become an indispensable tool in any angler’s arsenal.” – Johan Attby, Fishbrain CEO and co-founder

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Extra Features

Fishbrain | Revolutionizing Angling

In 2018 Fishbrain released an image recognition feature that allows anglers to automatically identify species of fish in photos. Last year, Fishbrain also integrated with Siri, enabling iOS 12 users to ask the virtual assistant to   suggest local fishing spots and help log their catches via simple voice commands, such as “Siri, where can I go fishing” or “Siri, log my catch”. 

Get to Know the Story Behind Fishbrain

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We completed an interview with CEO and co-founder Johan Attby, who successfully raised the millions in funding required to make the application a reality. Below are his answers to some of the questions we asked.

Fishbrain: Behind the Scenes

What inspired you to start Fishbrain?

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“I have always been interested in building a vertical social network. While social networks like Facebook are great for staying in touch with friends and family, they are not as well-suited for cultivating and discussing a particular niche, or passion. It was my belief that people who share a passion would want to discuss it with other like-minded individuals, forming discussions that would have lasting value, and enabling users to share real information. I also believed that a vertical social network would be more efficient if it utilized the data crowdsourced by its users. I wrote a blog post about this that was published in PandoDaily, which received a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to pursue the idea. The vertical of choice became sport fishing – a Forbes article I read around this time stated that fishing was one of the world’s most popular hobbies, and, as I grew up on a farm in Sweden and had fished all my life, I recognized the potential of a massively popular pastime that had no dominant mobile app to connect fans. It all just clicked into place.”

What have you found the most challenging?

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“In terms of early challenges, one of the most significant hurdles has been that we are combining technology with a hobby that is all about being outdoors, avoiding distractions and connecting to nature. However, we have always been keen on embracing this – we want our users to log off and only interact with technology when snapping a quick photo of their catch. We’ve designed Fishbrain to be used most effectively in the planning and post-trip stages, leaving anglers to enjoy their time on the water without digital interruptions.”

Fishbrain: The Future

What are your aims for Fishbrain in the future?

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As for future plans and innovations, our biggest goal is to make Fishbrain more accessible in the off-season, as anglers tend to fish less, but consume more fishing content during this time. Because of this seasonal shift, our competition is indirect – it comes from content providers who upload fishing videos to YouTube, or who blog about their angling expertise and knowledge, so it is definitely something I’d like to tap into in the future. My eventual goal is for Fishbrain to become the only companion an angler would need. I want the fishing community to reach its capacity and to flourish through the exchange of knowledge and the collation of data.

Fishbrain: Technology

How does Fishbrain work?

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“As previously mentioned, Fishbrain BiteTime™, available through Fishbrain Premium, utilizes cutting edge machine learning capabilities to analyze data from the catches already logged on the app and over 30 geographical attributes to take into account climate data and trends, tailoring to how 50 different species of fish react to such conditions. Fishbrain BiteTime presents, in the form of easy-to-follow bar graphs, the optimal time to catch a particular species of fish on any given body of water around the world.

We also work with Navico, the leader in marine electronics, which includes brands like Lowrance and Simrad, and with Casio, bringing our crowd-sourced fishing data and interactive maps to smartwatch users for the first time ever.”

Fishbrain – Sustainable Fishing

Is being sustainable something that aligns with your app?

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“We find the issues surrounding sustainability and preservation of endangered species to be of greatest concern within fishing culture. At Fishbrain, we are acutely aware of the fact that our planet has limited resources, and tomorrow matters just as much as today. This is why we highly advocate a catch and release policy and urge people to leave nature and their favorite fishing spots just as clean as they found them, as well as to proactively take time to pick up trash that they see when out fishing whenever possible.”

Is conservation something that aligns with your app?

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“Conservation is incredibly important to us and in the past few years we have collaborated with world class partners. Notably, in 2016 we partnered with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, with the collaboration leading to the world’s largest crowdsourced conservation effort, whereby Fishbrain users logged sightings of endangered species. It was the first time an American federal agency used an app in this way, suddenly  adding millions of users of an app to their team of around 100 field biologists.

In addition to this, we have a number of ongoing partnerships with world-renowned institutions that help us uphold our commitment to the environment, including the Florida Wildlife Commission, Centre for the Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), and others. These institutions are given access to anonymized data collected by Fishbrain’s network of users. This data is then able to provide unique and unprecedented insights into the behavior of the global fishing community, and provide a greater understanding of fish populations, including the spatial distribution of trophy catches, and the impact of invasive species.”

If you are as intrigued as we were then you can download Fishbrain from the App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information you can visit

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