Fun Winter Hobbies To Try for the First Time

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It’s tempting to lock yourself inside all day during frigid temperatures and snowy conditions, but it’s time to brighten your horizons. Winter allows you to experience new activities and hobbies you otherwise wouldn’t consider. These are some fun winter hobbies to try for the first time.

Ice Fishing

Soaking up the sun in the summer is the traditional way to fish. However, ice fishing has several benefits that non-anglers may not know. For starters, some species are more prone to bite when there is ice on the water. Trout, walleye, and pike are more active in the winter, making them easy pickings.

The most integral part of ice fishing is your safety. Remember to consider these quick tips: never go alone, layer up, and take breaks if necessary. As long as you don’t compromise your health, ice fishing is a premier winter activity to try.


Most people make the mistake of putting their hiking gear away after the first snowfall. Snowshoeing is an excellent way to get some exercise and enjoy the serenity of nature. Trekking through the snow burns more calories than a traditional hike, and the sight of a frozen waterfall might be prettier than a free-flowing one. Layer up, grab your insulated thermos, and enjoy the tranquil sights of a winter wonderland.


Maybe you had an overprotective parent as a child who didn’t let you enjoy the thrill of tubing down a hill. If that’s the case, now is the time to feel like a child again. You’re never too old to enjoy such thrilling activities as hanging on to a giant rubber circle as you try to avoid shrubbery.

Polar Bear Plunge

Need a quick jolt of adrenaline? Cold water plunging is near the top of the list indeed. While exhilarating, it also provides some health benefits. You will improve your circulation and speed up the recovery process for an injury. There’s a reason athletes take ice baths after a grueling contest.

Skate on a Frozen Pond

You aren’t living until you skate on a frozen pond. You don’t need to be as graceful as an Olympic medalist to enjoy ice skating—although you may feel a bit nimbler after your first session. It may take an hour before those falls become a thing of the past, but wipe yourself off and try again. Before you know it, you might be able to handle a stick and get a hockey game going.


If you want to live life on the edge and go extreme, you can try snowboarding. You don’t need to imitate those who appear in the X-Games, so stay away from the half-pipe until you have more seasoning under your belt. Nevertheless, snowboarding is a fantastic mood booster, and it can significantly increase the strength of your core muscles.

These are some fun winter hobbies to try for the first time. Maybe you are a fishing connoisseur and you don’t even know it! While some activities may speak more to you than others, it’s worth attempting all of them to see what sticks.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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