Helpful Survival Tips Every Camper Should Know

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Camping is an exhilarating outdoor activity that connects you to nature and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you. But there are some important skills and tips to learn as an avid camper. Here are some helpful survival tips every camper should know.


The first helpful survival tip that every camper should know is to stay on top of navigation. When you’re out in the wilderness, you may not be privy to fancy GPS systems and devices that can lead you in the right direction. Instead, you’ll have to be able to fend for yourself and find your bearings. Therefore, learning how to navigate in your surroundings while camping is essential. You’ll want to know how to read a standard compass, follow maps, and understand environmental and geographical landmarks to figure out where you’re going.

Fire Starting

Fire starting is another important survival skill to learn as a camper. Whether you’re camping off-grid or just having a fun camping trip with the kids and want to make smores, learning how to start a fire will benefit you in the long run. There are several techniques you can use to start fires, and it’s helpful to learn several in case you ever need a backup method. Some examples of these methods include using flint and steel, friction fires, hand drills, and more.

Water Purifying

The third skill that’ll help you while camping is knowing how to purify water. If you’re out on a camping trip, you may not have access to clean water. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to purify water so that you can have a safe drinking source. There are several ways to purify water while camping, hiking, or traveling. You can use the boiling or distillation methods. Alternatively, you can use water purifiers or purification tablets to make water safe for drinking while camping.

Shelter Building

Shelter building is also an essential survival skill to acquire as a camper. You don’t necessarily have to use a tent when you’re camping, although it’s helpful to know how to set one up. You can also use many other types of shelters when you camp. Therefore, it’s useful to learn how to build various shelters with assorted materials. Lean-to shelters and A-frame shelters are great examples of camping shelters you can create with natural materials you can find out in the wilderness.

Now that you have a few useful survival tips all campers should know, you can utilize these skills on your next camping trip. Make sure that you bring the proper supplies and gear on your trips and take the necessary safety precautions when camping.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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