Hot Tips for Outdoor Summer Workouts

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Summer is the best time of year to soak up the sun and get outside. While the fresh, hot sun feels great for a time, it can quickly become dangerous. Here are a few hot tips for outdoor summer workouts.

Always Bring Water

The summer sun beats down hot and heavy, no matter what you do outside. Exercise only exacerbates this feeling, so bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go. If you go for a run outside, bring a small bottle to carry in your hand or at your hip. If you work through functional training circuits, keep a water bottle within reach.

Even if the water bottle hinders your performance or feels clunky to move with, you will thank yourself for the hydration half an hour down the road. Always bring water with you so that you have the energy and stamina to make it back home safely.

Protect Your Skin

The sun is hot and unforgiving, even when clouds partially obscure direct sunlight. Remember to put on sunscreen at least ten minutes before heading outside. It is essential to apply it in advance so that it has time to settle into your skin. Otherwise, you will simply sweat it off and eliminate its protective effects.

You should protect your skin from the sun during any outdoor workouts you do, including non-running activities. For example, people who enjoy riding through the fresh air should follow some cycling sun tips to keep themselves safe on the road. If you ever experience adverse health effects while exercising outside during summer, contact a doctor immediately. Heatstroke and sun poisoning are serious health problems that you should address right away.

Clothe Yourself Well

In summer, people begin wearing fewer layers and less bulky clothes to accommodate the hotter temperatures. Do the same with your workout attire as you do with your daily clothes—go lighter and smarter. It’s not advantageous to wear a hoodie in the middle of July. While sweating during a workout is an indicator of intensity, you don’t want to overheat your body.

Clothe yourself well, and anticipate the attire the weather demands. If it is sunny and near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you should wear shorts and a breathable T-shirt. In fact, many athletic clothing lines feature quick-dry or cooling technology that will wick sweat away from the body while allowing a breeze to flow through the fabric. Invest in smart summer workout clothes to stay safe while outside.

Remember these hot tips for outdoor summer workouts so that you can make it through the season healthy and in shape. As long as you always bring water, protect your skin, and clothe yourself well, you will have a summer full of fun and invigorating exercise.

Hot Tips for Outdoor Summer Workouts

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Written by Henry Johnson

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