How to: Meditate Using Crystals

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How to: Meditate Using Crystals

How to: Meditate Using Crystals

Crystals have been something humans have used for as long as we have existed. It’s something that we have been historically drawn too and now, people are starting to become more conscious and aware of these colourful little stones. So, what exactly are they? Crystals are solid materials made up of matter (atoms, ions or molecules – these are arranged in a way that they are a highly microscopic structure). Mostly, they are known as being extremely beautiful pieces of matter that people often seek comfort and guidance from. Meditation is also something that brings people great comfort and allows them to separate themselves from their ego and reach a state where their thoughts literally empty their mind (it sounds way too good to be true but, it isn’t). It’s no wonder that people combine meditation and crystals together to reach a state of bliss and happiness.

We decided that we wanted to find out how people meditate with crystals (we discovered a lot) and we have compiled our findings into the article for you to navigate and come back too whenever you’re seeking a bit of guidance.

Everything That You Need To Know

white and green gemstones on person palm

To start with, a expert in alternate medicine has offered her expertise of everything that you need to know before starting meditating with crystals…

How Do Crystals Work?

purple and white geode

Crystals have vibrational frequencies. All life has vibration including the planet so, when we experience illness or an imbalance, our vibrational energy is off. We are not giving off good vibes and not able to receive good vibes. Crystals help us to realign ourselves by placing the crystal on the area of blockage.

Choosing a Crystal to Balance Your Chakras

close up photography of clear crystal

I believe that intuitively we are attracted to what we need and resonate with it. The colors and crystals that you are attracted too will also depend on whether there are other chakras or energy centers out of balance.

Contributor: Jennifer Mancini

Organisation: Integrative Healing


Meditating Using Crystals (Tips and Tricks)

Meditating with Rose and Crystal Quartz

purple cyrstal quarts stone

This lady recommends using a quartz in each hand whilst focusing on breathing in positive energy and exhaling negative energy…

Hold a crystal quartz in your right palm and a rose quartz in your left palm. Breathe in a seated mediation position for five minutes. Feel the power and harmony as well as grounding energy the crystals give you. The earth is within you and the spiritual celestial energy is connecting you to the Divine. Breathe in positive energy and let go of negativity.

Contributor: Katie Ziskind

Organisation: Wisdom Within Counseling


Align with your Chakras

assorted-color stone lot

This author recommends finding out which crystals work best with your chakras and using those to meditate with…

The best way to meditate with crystals is to do it with colored crystals that are attuned to your own personal 7 centers based on your name.

Contributor: B.P. Greycastle

Organisation: Name Colorology Group


Clean your Crystals

assorted stones

This lady recommends regularly cleaning your crystals to ensure that you are getting the best out of your meditation practice as possible…

I think that one of the key things to consider when using crystals is the importance of regular cleaning of the crystals as they absorb energies. I usually do this using sage smudging or placing the crystals under moonlight (as recommended by the authors of Energy Muse).

Contributor: Ceppie Merry

Organisation: Healthy But Smart


Use Larger Crystals

close-up photo of purple geode

This person recommends using larger crystals as they’re easier to hold with less focus…

Crystal experts recommend larger crystals that fit comfortably into your hand. Larger crystals are said to put out more energy and take less concentration to hold onto when compared to smaller crystals.

Contributor: Adina Mahalli

Organisation: Enlightened Reality


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