How to Stay Focused While Riding Your Motorcycle

How to Stay Focused While Riding Your Motorcycle

Whether you’re a racer or a casual rider, motorcycles are exciting—albeit scary—vehicles. When you travel at fast speeds on heavy machines, it’s no wonder your adrenaline will kick in. That’s why it’s essential to remain calm and collected to avoid a crash or serious injury. Any rider preparing for their next ride should know how to stay focused while riding your motorcycle. You’ll surprise yourself with these tips to remain focused and alert on the big day.

Create a Ritual

While it might sound silly, create a ritual for each time you mount your bike. Most professional athletes have some sort of ritual. Tiger Woods wore red for every outing, Serena Williams doesn’t change or wash her socks before her tournaments, and even Brian Urlacher ate two chocolate chip cookies before each game. Each of these athletes sought to maintain a sense of control and comfort before and during their matches. The same mentality applies to Sportbike racing. For example, you can close your visor a certain number of times, hit the starter, or repeat a certain word or phrase to keep your focus. Naturally, you cannot do everything mid-ride, but you might repeat a chant or mantra mid-ride to keep your nerves calm and your motivation high.

Be One With Your Bike

Similarly, you should fully connect with your bike. Your bike is your mechanism to win. Just like how wrestlers must know every part of their body to win a match, you must know every part of your motorcycle. Know how each part works and operates so that, if any issues occur, you’ll know how to fix them. Not to mention, the more comfortable you are on your bike, the deeper the lean angle you can hit. You should also know every OEM or aftermarket part on your bike to have full control over its handling, power, and speed. Ultimately, when you connect with your bike, you’ll improve your mind and body on the road.

Don’t Slow Down

Many amateur riders make the mistake of slowing down if they feel the need to focus or reevaluate their position. However, slowing down and reducing your focus can lead to a fall. Near the end of the ride, your mind may naturally start to focus on other things, such as the post-race celebration or the next time you’re out. This can distract you from the main task of a solid driving pace from the start to the end of the trip. Otherwise, when you slow down, you lose concentration. Riding fast will keep your attention and concentration on the current race.


Lastly, make sure to breathe. While it sounds obvious, many riders get too caught up with their nerves to keep a regular breathing cycle throughout their rides. Consider diaphragmatic breathing—breathing through your diaphragm—to enhance your concentration and calm yourself wherever you are. Also, this type of breathing lowers stress levels, reduces blood pressures, and regulates bodily processes.

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