Must-Have Motorhome Accessories

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Whether you live in your motorhome or use your RV for travel, outfit it with the essential accessories. This makes travel more comfortable. Think about what you need in terms of technology and physical comfort. When you’re on the road, you may not always have access to the internet. Likewise, you may want various sources of power, including solar energy. Get ready to add these must-have motorhome accessories to your RV!

Drinking Hose

No matter where you are, you need regular access to fresh water. Connect a drinking hose to your freshwater tank so you have easy access to your water. These hoses are designed for RV usage and pass necessary government regulations to ensure they’re safe. In addition to a drinking hose, you’ll want to install a water filter to keep your drinking water clean.

Interior Locks

When you start adding vital parts to your RV, do not overlook quality interior locks. As you pass through different areas, you never know who you’ll encounter. Locks don’t just protect you—they also keep your property secure.

Wi-Fi Boosters

If you go off-grid, a Wi-Fi booster keeps you connected to the nearest internet tower. So, you still have access to the web if you’re using your motorhome to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Remember, you want a connection to the outside world if you need to call for help. 

Camping Stove

Most outdoor experts recommend having a camping stove so you can cook while you’re on the go. This way, you can cook strong-smelling foods without worrying about the smell lingering in your RV. Or you can cook outside on a beautiful day and breathe in the fresh air!

Reusable Energy Sources

Depend on more than the RV’s battery. Since you’re on the road, relying on reusable energy sources such as wind and solar is easy. Install solar panels on the roof of the motor home so you can have backup energy. Better yet, getting a charge will be easy when you’re on the road. You won’t have to worry about a dead battery because you’ll have a backup.

Two-Way Radios

As you start gathering your gear, remember that walkie-talkies are a must-have motorhome accessory. Communication with your fellow travelers is as important as contact with the outside world. If, for example, you plan to go on a solo hike, you may not have cellular service to reach your traveling companions. Keep your travels safe and fun!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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