Night Fishing Gear: Your Guide to Essential Equipment

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There is something about the ambiance of fishing on a calm body of water under the moon. More fish species are active after the sun goes down, and it can be fun and comfortable for the angler. If you want to get into night fishing, use this gear guide to determine the essential equipment you need to ensure you leave with the best game fish.

Safety Supplies

Though you don’t want to clutter your boat with excess gear, you should always include safety supplies. Consider placing a first aid kit, a pocket knife, extra flashlights, batteries, a blanket, and life vests on board to ensure you have what you need in case of an emergency. Don’t forget your cell phone and battery charger! Furthermore, stow these safety supplies to clear the deck of tripping hazards because it will be difficult to see at night.

Necessary Lighting

They don’t call it night fishing for nothing! Therefore, you’ll need some light to see what you’re doing on the water. Buy the best interior boat lights to make navigating your boat easier. You might also consider a headlamp to help you see and keep your hands free. However, you should use the moonlight as much as possible because too much artificial light will deter the fish.

Darker-Colored Lures and Bait

Before traveling to an appropriate night fishing location, it’s best to learn what type of fish you want to catch. You want to do this because it can help you choose suitable lures and bait. For example, when night fishing for trout, dark-colored lures, and bait, such as nightcrawlers, crayfish, and small suckers, can increase your chances. While dark-colored lures won’t always bring you success, it is better to use them because they blend in with the water.

Sensitive Rigs

Adding a sensitive rod and line to your fishing equipment will increase your chances of catching fish. When you have low visibility, traditional rigs will be too difficult to use because you won’t see the typical cues of having a fish on the line like you would during the day. Sensitive rigs can detect the slightest movement beneath the water’s surface, making this essential night fishing equipment an invaluable tool.

The more night fishing you participate in, the better you will understand which gear is helpful to you. However, consider loading your boat with the equipment above for a successful first trip. Night fishing is the perfect opportunity to catch various fish, as some species are much more active at night. Good luck with your first night fishing adventure!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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