The 4 Best Lightweight Hiking Chairs

Our Top 4 Hiking Chairs

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A reliable Hiking chair is always makes a useful addition to you kit, especially if you tend to go on longer hikes, or need to take the occasional break. These chairs are our top picks, so check them out below.

Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair

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The 4 Best Lightweight Hiking Chairs

Comfortable (back support), off the ground, lightweight, compact hiking chair. Prefer a “real” chair that gets you up off the ground? The Helinox Chair Zero is one of the best luxury chair options on the market for backpacking. The Chair Zero sits 11 inches off the ground on its strong, but the lightweight aluminum frame. A deep, nylon scoop-seat attaches at the corners to suspend your body and support your back in a comfortable, slightly reclining position.

Big Agnes Skyline Chair

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The 4 Best Lightweight Hiking Chairs

What’s I love about this chair is how light and compact it is, making it an excellent choice for hiking. Even though it’s made out of lightweight material, the chair is very comfortable. Although it’s not the lightest hiking chair on the market, the Big Agnes Skyline chair only weighs 29 ounces. The chair uses heavy-duty aircraft aluminum to create their patented hub-less frame. So it’s much sturdier than hiking chairs using flimsy plastic frames that can snap. Costing a little over $100, I think the Big Agnes Skyline offers great value and versatility for hikers looking for an excellent quality all-around chair.

Helinox Chair One Original

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The 4 Best Lightweight Hiking Chairs

This chair combines superior packability, strength, durability, and comfort. At only two pounds two ounces, and 14-inches long packed down, it will easily fit into or on a hiking backpack. Thanks to an internal bungee, setup is easy and the chair almost assembles itself. It is rated to hold up to 320 pounds.

Outrav Portable Hiking Chair

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The 4 Best Lightweight Hiking Chairs

It is a lightweight hiking and backpacking chair that eases you to sit comfortably at your chosen destination. It is designed in such a way to enjoy eating in whatever location you like. It is light in weight, which makes it perfect sitting equipment to carry and take away with you quickly. Its legs are made up of aluminum and can easily be folded to save it most conveniently. You can enjoy the indoor activities as well as outdoor activities like camping or hiking with this comfortable easy to carry folding chair. The bonus point to choose this hiking chair is that you can easily clean it with the help of soap or water.

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