The Best Accessories for Driving Golf Carts in the Winter

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As their name suggests, golf carts initially were used for traversing 18-holes of manicured landscape in the summer. These carts weren’t built to be driven in difficult winter conditions regularly. However, the uses for golf carts evolved over time, and now many owners rely on them for alternative reasons. For example, they’re now commonly used as the primary mode of transportation across large wilderness properties or on the streets in suburban communities. If you want to drive your cart year-round, you’ll have to make a few modifications to make it drivable. Here are the best accessories for driving golf carts in the winter.

Drivable Enclosures

Drivable enclosures are the vinyl and fabric wrap that you commonly see on golf carts in the winter. By fully encasing the vehicle, passengers are protected from the outside elements. While they get used the most in the winter, an enclosure is a helpful tool for any cart owner because it makes driving in the rain more feasible. Most golf carts certified for road use will permanently keep their enclosures on because it makes the vehicles much more enjoyable to drive in all conditions.


To protect yourself from the chill, a windshield is a must in the winter. Without a windshield in the winter, exposure to freezing winds could cause damage. One golf cart windshield fact to know is they typically have an axis in the middle, so you can fold it down to enjoy the breeze in the summer.

Cupholder Heaters

Unfortunately, unless seriously modified, your golf cart won’t have a heating system. So, even if you have an enclosure, the outside temps might still make driving a burden. Luckily, there are now portable cupholder heaters powered by propane, so they don’t need to be plugged in.

Off-Roading Tires

Besides improving your personal comfort, you’ll need to make modifications addressing the harsh conditions of winter driving. If you plan on using your golf cart on snowy roads and paths, you’ll want to upgrade your tires with ones with better traction, like off-roaders. An off-roading tire’s added tread and surface area should give you the added grip necessary to make driving over minimal snowfall possible.

After exploring the best accessories for driving golf carts in the winter, you can modify your vehicle to be drivable in all road conditions.

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Written by Jensen Tonstad

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