The Best Advice for Fasting

The Best Advice for Fasting

The Best Advice for Fasting

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Wherever you look there is always a new fad diet or new advice on the best way to eat – It can get confusing to say the least. One thing that I’ve really begun to get interested in is fasting. I am making a big effort to eat healthier at the moment and fasting is something that I am attracted to and interested by. Fasting is actually a really healthy thing to do for your body (as long as you do it in the right way) – It gives your body and digestive system a bit of a break and a chance to detoxify. Upon researching about fasting I have found a variety of different advice and tips and have compiled them into this article to help you and guide you on your journey.

Types of Fasting?

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5:2 – Where people eat normally for five days and decrease their calorie number from 500 to 600 calories for two days.

Eat-stop-eat – Allows you to eat normally with one day of not eating every week.

16/8 – This method allows you to eat during a shorter period of 8
hours and avoid eating 14 to 16 hours during the day. This method is the
most common because many people find it to be the easiest. Usually, people
skip breakfast and have their first meal around 1 PM.

Contributor: Nikola Djordjevic 

Organisation: MedAlertHelp

Types of Intermittent Fasting Regimens

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Complete alternate day fasting – The alternation of fasting (no energy-containing foods or beverages) and feeding days (food and beverages consumed ad libitum).

Modified fasting regimens – The consumption of 20-25% of energy needs on scheduled fasting days. This method is the basis for the popular 5:2 diet, which involves energy restriction for 2 non-consecutive days per week and ad libitum eating for the other 5 days.

Time-restricted fasting – Allows ad libitum energy intake within specific time periods, such as an extended daily or nightly fast.

Religious fasting – A variety of fasting regimens that are for religious or spiritual purposes.

Ramadan fasting – A fast from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan, which is about 12-hours long.

Other religious fasts – Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints routinely abstain from food and drink for extended periods of time, while some Seventh-Day Adventists consume their meals in the afternoon, resulting in a prolonged fasting interval.

Contributor: Maggy Doherty

Organisation: Doherty Nutrition LLC


Fasting Advice

Eat Clean

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This lady advises to be careful and eat a balanced diet in accordance with fasting…

For my female patients that are on the thin side I recommend slightly reduced rations – 12-14/ 8-10 and less days of fasting I also definitely encourage nutrient dense meals and nutritional supplementation. With out this additional support the calorie restriction can trigger a starvation
mode disrupting the menstrual cycle. Low calorie intake can disrupt the hypothalmus disruption the lutenizing hormone (LH) and follical stimulation hormone (FSH). This can cause irregular periods and can create issues with fertility. I see a similar cascade of issues in celiac patients due to malabsorption. So intermittent fasting with out a focus on nutritional support can be detrimental and lead to symptoms similar to (PCOS) Poly cystic ovary syndrome. The female body has protective mechanisms to protect us from getting pregnant when we are not nutritionally stable to support that pregnancy. Simple coping mechanisms that fit with the
principle of survival of the fittest.

The key to fasting is to do it with clean, healthy eating, eliminating gluten, dairy, and sugar and modest exercise. This is when my patients get the best out comes.

Contributor: Dr. Kristine Blanche

Organisation: Superconnector media


Incorporate the Keto Diet

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This advice comes from someone who is extremely fond of fasting and likes to incorporate the Keto way of eating…

I actually believe that when combined, Keto and fasting is a bit easier… because the ketones reduce hunger, the fast can really seem easier for people.

I actually have my patients set an alarm to remember to eat. You can get carried away and work and forget and then slip into starvation mode. If that happens it will be quite counter productive as your body will not lose weight if in starvation mode. I find even if my patient don’t do a
full Keto diet and simply increase good fat and minimize sugar/ carb intake they can have this effect as well.

Contributor: Dr. Kristine Blanche 

Organisation: Superconnector media 


Practicing Time Restricted Eating

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This nutrition therapy practitioner likes to fast by experimenting with different time windows in a day and restricting eating (in a healthy way)…

As the cliche goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Well, there’s more than one way to intermittent fast as well. There’s the 5:2 method, the alternate day fast, time restricted eating, and one meal a day as well. Assuredly, you’re wondering which method is the best and unfortunately I am unable to tell you that. Each method is great in their own way. The real
answer is, the best method is the one that works best for you.

I personally practice time restricted eating every day which has been the easiest to incorporate into my every day life, to the point where I don’t think about it anymore. I believe this is the easiest type to start out with if you are new to fasting. You can start out with a 12 hour eating
window and slowly increase your fasting time until you reach 16-18 hours of fasting before eating. This equates to essentially skipping one of your meals each day; so either skipping breakfast or dinner depending on your preferences. This is also a nice method because you obtain the benefits of intermittent fasting every day.

If you are quite successful with time restricted eating and feel you can go further, try OMAD, or one meal a day. This is essentially a 24 hour fast you do each day; consuming only one meal at the end of it. This style is particularly beneficial for those who hope to lose weight as it’s nearly
impossible to eat a whole day’s worth of calories in one meal!

Another method I incorporate on a weekly basis on top of time restricted eating is a variation of the 5:2 method. The usual 5:2 method is eating normally on 5 days of the week and consuming only 500 calories on your two fasting days. The positive of this is that you are only restricting your eating for two days out of the week and you have to worry less about cooking during that time. My variation is that I practice time restricted each day and do only one 500 calorie day during the week. Sometimes I do the second day, however I feel best when I keep it to one day a week.

Now, the benefits of intermittent fasting are numerous. The most obvious one is weight loss. Intermittent fasting is an absolute boon for weight loss; just by switching around the timing and structure of your eating you naturally consume less without thinking about it, thus achieving weight loss. A second reason why intermittent fasting contributes to weight loss is that it lowers insulin levels. This means that your body is utilizing the glucose stored in your cells and helping your body shed the excess pounds. This lowering of insulin levels is also beneficial for those with Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, intermittent fasting may be beneficial for
brain health through reduction of inflammation.

Contributor: Gabrielle Desmarais 

Organisation: Forevergreen All-Natural Care & Healing LLC 


Drink Water 

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This advice comes from someone who believes staying hydrated is the way forward with fasting…

Besides using only fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, and a good juicer, it is best to drink a glass of juice every 3 hours. The benefits are many but include more energy, a more defined body when combined with working out, healthier skin, nails, hair.

Contributor: Arien Reeberg 

Organisation: Hyrax, INC


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