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The Best Autumn Off-Roading Destinations

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Off-road trips aren’t just summer adventures; many places across the country can make a perfect place to go off-roading regardless of the time of the year. If you’re looking to plan an adventure, here are some of the best fall destinations with good off-roading areas.

Upper Michigan

The upper section of Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the country to visit during the autumn months. It has amazing vistas that you can see all around the area, and you can travel miles of offroad trails that are perfect for anyone.

Grand Junction, Colorado

If you love beautiful trees turning all sorts of gorgeous colors on your off-road trips, then Grand Junction in Colorado is the place for you this autumn. With beautiful mountains and plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, this area is a great place to visit for any off-roader.

North of Phoenix, Arizona

Just north of Phoenix, Arizona, miles upon miles of off-road traveling options exist. Plus, you can camp anywhere you want for free, making it an easy trip for many people. Autumn is the best time to visit, as the weather in the desert will cool down during this time, making it more comfortable to travel around.

Hatfield McCoy Trails, West Virginia

If you have an ATV or Dirt bike, then you’ll want to head over to the Hatfield McCoy Trails. These are a collection of eight trails that wind their way around beautiful trees and plants that only look better in autumn time. However, you’ll want some basic off-roading tips if you’re a beginner before heading out on these trails.

Mammoth Lakes, California

Whether you long for mountains, lakes, or beautiful trees, you’ll find what you seek at Mammoth Lakes, California. This is one of the best places to go off-roading during autumn. While you do need a permit to ride around, you can camp with the whole family on easy trails and visit the local amenities for fun, such as the hot springs.

These places are some of the best ones you can visit when it comes to going off-roading in autumn. There are many other great places as well, but just know that you don’t have to give up off-road travel just because it’s getting cooler.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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