The Best Cultural Destinations in the World

The Best Cultural Destinations in the World

The Best Cultural Destinations in the World

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One of the most insightful and exciting things a person can do is travel this planet that we call home. Sometimes you can lose inspiration for where you want to travel to next which is where this list comes in. We’ve made travel guides before but this one outdoes the all. This list is filled with amazing destinations all around the World. We have split it between European destinations, US destinations and the rest of the World.

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European Destination List


snow covered brown, white, and gray concrete castle under cloudy skies

A former, less than sexy Soviet country, that now makes giant leaps towards digital and tourism leadership, Estonia offers much-untouched nature, an exciting start-up scene, and stunning medieval architecture.

There are many opportunities to practice water sports in unusual locations, including one of the most romantic, unusual water sports centers imaginable, Lake Rummu, which features a half-sunken Soviet prison amidst an idyllic landscape.

You can sleep in an eco tent, shower in a bathtub under the starry skies in summer, or visit the Lahemaa National Park nearby with century-old Palmse Manor in its midst, take a horse-carriage ride and visit its medieval museum and eatery. If you’re afraid to get lost in the wilderness, you can even book your own guide.

Contributor: Alexandra Nima

Organisation: The Sophisticated Geek


Matera, Italy

birds eye photography of city houses at daytime

Matera is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, with some of the most iconic ancient architecture in the world (gaining UNESCO heritage status in 1993) and is a truly one of a kind experience. Carved out of natural stone and set into a mountain, visiting Matera is like traveling in time or maybe to another planet. During WWII, fighter pilots flying over the dusty colored city thought it had already been bombed, and left the city alone.

As such, Matera has maintained much of the original ancient architecture other Italian cities lost in the war. It is so well preserved it was chosen as the shooting location stand-in for Jerusalem in The Passion of the Christ.

Matera offers fantastic dining options, hotels carved from stone with underground natural pools, and great shopping to boot. Be sure to take a walking tour and learn about the city’s unique history.

Contributor: Kalev Rudolph

Organisation: Car Insurance Comparison



houses near valley with trees

The purity and adventure of this country is intoxicating. It truly is worthy of having inspired gothic architecture. The food is a perfect melting pot of Italian, German and French food with some incredible influences from far away places including the Middle East and the subcontinent. Everything that you hope Europe is going to be can be found in this country: cobblestone streets, old towns with the architecture that is synonymous with Europe, wonderful language barriers which make you feel like you really are away from your world. But also, beautiful weather, amazing adventure, great food & wine and some of the most amazing sites.

Contributor: Matt Nash-Arnold

Organisation: Escape Stock


Haworth, Yorkshire

grass field under blue sky

Think lifetime postcard for this one! This village is beyond scenic and appears in many pieces of art. Home to Haworth railway an authentically preserved steam railway. Most notable, the Brontë sisters were born in Thornton near Bradford wrote most of their novels while living at Haworth Parsonage. The Parsonage is now a museum owned and maintained by the Brontë Society.

Contributor: Nikola Webster

Organisation: Brit On The Move



white concrete mosque near body of water

Finland gives tourists the opportunity to connect with nature even when they’re visiting a city, to experience something completely different from what we’re used to visit, and has an incredible amount of things to do in summer and in winter. In fact, in the summer you can easily spend days
in Helsinki without ever getting bored: the city has a lot to offer and after having indulged in a sauna and a dip in the cold nordic sea, you can jump on a boat and go island hopping in the archipelago of Helsinki that consists of around 330 islands. Or you can visit Turku, when the riverbanks come to life and people gather here to eat, drink and listen to music.

Contributor: Veruska Anconitano

Organisation: The Food Ellers



aerial photography of buildings viewing bridge and sea during daytime
Divided by the waters of the Danube river, Budapest offers attractions and activities to all kinds of tourists. Fans of architecture will be delighted by the artistic design of the Hungarian Parliament building and the Baroque style of the Buda Castle, that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Another impressive site is the neo-Gothic Fisherman’s Bastion; its seven stone towers symbolize the seven chieftains of the Hungarians who founded the country.

Contributor: Georgina Blasco

Organisation: Free Tour



photo of body of water surrounded with rock formations

Snowdonia is a true adventurer’s playground offering every activity you’ve ever dreamed of doing. From hiking and mountain biking, to river rafting and canyoning, and so much more. It’s packed full of incredible wildlife and fascinating history – it’s the perfect escape from the busy, always-on world we all find ourselves living in.

Contributor: Claire Copeman

Organisation: Adventure Tours UK



body of water under white sky

Amsterdam is a must-visit city for anyone travelling to Europe. It’s beautiful, with cobbled streets and canals running through it. There’s excellent food and a vibrant nightlife. It’s easy to move about the city as you explore museums, historic buildings, and enjoy their well-kept parks. Most of all you can travel everywhere by bicycle. Rent a bike and pedal through the city like a real Dutchmen. It’s a treat of a city that cannot be missed.

Contributor: Tyler Smith

Organisation: Bicycle 2 Work


Vis, Croatia

brown concrete building beside road

Set deep in the Adriatic Sea, and about 2 hours via ferry from the Dalmatian coast, lies the magical island of Vis. The water is crystal clear and the landscape has everything from cliffs to sprawling olive and fig trees across the land. What makes Vis even more surreal is the night sky, with no light pollution, which allows you to have spectacular views of the Milky Way on any given night. It’s not a coincidence that the James Bond film Shatterhand was partially filmed on Vis island.

So if you are looking to avoid big touristic cities in Croatia such as Split and prefer a more private environment, Vis is a perfect choice. There are tours and activities for everyone, including hidden caves, including the legendary Blue Cave and its surreal color. There are also boat trips around the island and local wine and olive farms that you can visit for some quality domestic products.

Overall, Vis is a bit hard to reach but if you are looking to enjoy your vacation in privacy in a stunning location, it’s perfect.

Contributor: Raj Vardhman

Organisation:Go Remotely



brown concrete statue under white cloudy sky

Ukraine is a country with beautiful places and interesting history alike. One of the most beautiful places we have ever visited is the Tunnel of Love: a semi-abandoned railway in the rural north-west. The tunnel is formed by the infrequently passing trains which push back the trees which have reclaimed the tunnel. The most comfortable accommodation nearby is The Tunnel of Love Hotel Klevan, designed in the theme of the area.

Formerly a Soviet State, Ukraine also has a very interesting history to investigate including visiting what remains of the city of Chernobyl, a ghost town resulting from an explosion of the Vladimir Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. You can get a Chernobyl Tour from Kiev.

Contributor: Mike

Organisation: Couple Travel The World


US Destination List


road under blue sky

Kansas, once a slave-city, now has become a home for several recreational and delightful destinations. The reason why this city gains such a paradigm shift is the bond between the city administration and its citizens. The park administration of Kansas city determines to engage its citizens for care and well being of different parks instead of paid staff.

Contributor: John Parrott

Organisation: Relax Like A Boss


Maui, Hawaii

blue and white house surrounded by surfboards during daytime

Haleakala National Park is definitely worth a priority place on your itinerary when visiting Maui in
Hawaii. The park is a popular destination for hiking, swimming, camping, tours, downhill bike rides and, of course, unbelievably stunning above-the-clouds Haleakala sunrises and sunsets! Sunrise at Haleakala is probably at the top of the bucket list of everyone stepping foot on Maui, Hawaii.

Contributor: Alexandra Nestertchouk

Organisation: Perfect Day To Play


Fayetteville, Arkansas

body of water

This town in northwest Arkansas is a perfect getaway or those who enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Located beneath the Ozark mountains, it provides visitors with numerous hiking trails, fishing lakes as well as kayaking and canoeing routes. The town itself is very vibrant, as thousands
of students live and study at the University of Arkansas. Fayetteville has numerous festivals and events throughout the year and the most popular one is Bike, Blues & Barbecue when bikers from all over the country gather to listen to music and enjoy Arkansan gastronomy.

Contributor: Darko Jacimovic

Organisation: What To Become


Tybee Island

The Best Cultural Destinations in the World

Most people don’t realize that Tybee Island is home to its very own campground, River’s End RV Park and Campground. Located only half a mile from Tybee Island’s North Beach, River’s End is one of the best lodging options on our charming island. Stay in one of their large, cozy cabins, pick from over 100 lots if you have your own camper or pitch your own tent at one of the many electric, cable and water campsites, or rough it in one of 9 primitive tent sites. In addition, River’s End has amazing amenities like a community pavilion for a cookout or game of cards, the largest swimming pool on the island, washer and dryer, a gym and complimentary WiFi.

Contributor: Ansley Connor

Organisation: Visity Tybee


The World Destination List

Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, India

selective focus photography of yellow auto rickshaw on road

Pure unadulterated beauty of the Himalayas sans the touristy crowds which has become a norm of other popular hill stations in India – Jibhi is literal paradise on Earth. So much so, that you will only hear chirping of birds when you are relaxing out in the porch of your homestay.

When in Jibhi, head out, walk around the local market, stay in hostels, trek to the snow-covered Jalori Pass in winter and stop at Serolsar lake to admire how truly beautiful nature can be. And once you are done with all this exploration, try a steaming hot bowl of Maggi with kadak chai. Really,
what else do you need to unwind in an offbeat destination?

Contributor: Priya Chaudhary

Organisation: OYO Rooms Indonesia


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

woman riding swing

Staying by the beach, surfing with the high waves or fishing! Whatever floats your boat, Canggu has you covered. This underrated destination has become my favourite thanks to its pristine beaches and chill-out vibe. You can literally work on your project by the beach as you sip on your glass of
Pina Colada.

What’s more? When you are not working and need some adventure, drive around Canggu and soak in the view of the sun rising behind its paddy fields or dive deep into the forest to discover hidden waterfalls. Canggu is still an offbeat destination but pretty soon it will become a tourist hotspot so
make sure you visit it before that happens.

Contributor: Priya Chaudhary

Organisation: OYO Rooms Indonesia



top view of people sitting on beach shore during daytrime

Seychelles is a country made up of many Islands on the Indian Ocean. The country is so environmentally conscious and beautiful that you can take post-card worthy photos almost anywhere. When traveling there, try to visit more than one Island, especially La Digue. It is so remote and serene that you barely see any cars. People move around with bicycles. This Island also has some of the best beaches in the world.

Contributor: Omie Charles-Davies

Organisation: Travel Efficency


Bogota, Colombia

green trees near buildings

The largest city and capital of Colombia, Bogota combines historical and modern faces all in the one place. Its green urban landscapes, old school colonial architecture and a collection of close to 50 museums (including the renowned Gold Museum) combine as the ideal destination for those seeking an experience with historical and cultural impact.

Contributor: Uri Sharon

Organisation: Travel Trend


Okavango, Botswana

green tree

Days are filled with exciting game drives and bush walks, fishing excursions, dugout canoe trips and siestas at the remote camps. Moremi Game Reserve is one of my favourite parts of the Okavango Delta because of its incredible birdlife and diversity of wild animals, including heavyweights like lions and buffalos. One of the hidden gems of Moremi is Xobega Island; a tranquil getaway only accessible by boat. The friendly guides are incredibly knowledgeable about the intricate ecosystems of the delta, as well as the fascinating cultures of Botswana. The Delta (and Moremi in particular) is unparalleled in its unique wild allure.

Contributor: Terry Murphy

Organisation: African Budget Safaris



people gathered in front of concrete structures

Jerusalem inhabits both the rich history of Israel as well as the future as it displays a balanced amount of historical artifacts alongside modern available activities and events. The 3,000 year Old City walls hold within them treasures sacred to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions thus making the area a hot scene to all throughout the entire year. Located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem is the most-visited city in Israel, with over 3 million tourist arrivals annually.

Contributor: Akiva Spiegelman

Organisation: I Travel Jerusalem


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