The Best Gadgets for Hiking

best gadgets for hiking

The Best Gadgets for Hiking

People Walking on Green Grass Field

Here at Russal Gear, we really respect people that go hiking and see why it’s a much loved thing to do. There are so many beautiful sites to see in this world and walking around them truly is one of the best ways to view them. When it comes to hiking, one of the best things is all of the gadgets that you can get to accompany you – From clothes to accessories, there are so many interesting things that you can buy. We have made this article to help you pick out what you are going to treat yourself to next and have split it between clothing items and gadgets.

The Best Clothes for Hiking

Reflective Run Laces

Nathan Run Laces 2018

These super-secure elastic laces are the ideal no-tie shoelace solution. One time setup is quick, and lace adjustments easy. Perfect for walkers, hikers, or anyone who wants their shoes to stay tied on the go! Reflective details added for greater nighttime visibility.

Contributor: Abby Schramm

Organisation: Nathan Sports


Figs Compression Socks

Image result for figs socks

FIGS’ compression socks are Class I medical grade to prevent legs from swelling and aching while on your feet for long periods of time (think of the medical professionals on their feet for 14-hour shifts)— and in some cases, can lead to vein thrombosis. Compression socks are known to circulate blood flow and with a Class I medical grade, this means they went through rigorous testing and met the standards necessary to be an official compression sock.

Contributor: Brittany Sykes

Organisation: FIGS


Tifosi Sunglasses

The Best Gadgets for Hiking

Sunglasses are not only helpful when hiking for better visuals but are necessary for eye protection. Tifosi Optics has the perfect pair of sunglasses for hiking, Amok. These sunglasses are made for the outdoor enthusiast. The frames are made with Grilamid TR-90 making them not only durable, but lightweight and comfortable. The lenses provide 100% UV protection and are shatterproof. Amok’s lenses are also fully vented to keep air flowing and the lenses fog-free. Hikers need sunglasses that won’t bounce and stay put. Amok’s adjustable nose pad and ear pieces are made with hydrophilic rubber that grip the more you sweat.

Contributor: Caroline Clark

Organisation: Tifosi Sunglasses


OOFOS Footwear

OOFOS Ooahh Recovery Slide Sandals

Each and every pair of OOFOS features a proprietary material called OOfoam that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams. This works to take stress off of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back and helps the body recover faster from any physical activity.

Contributor: Jacqueline Cunniff

Organisation: OOFOS


Helikon Swagman Roll Poncho

The Best Gadgets for Hiking

Multifunctional and ultra-lightweight, Helikon Swagman Roll Poncho is perfect for prolonged hikes when the backup is needed. This reimagined version of the classic poncho liner is made of 2-way elastic nylon with Dupont Teflon fabric protector, and is filled with warm Climashield Apex insulating material. Highly compressible and portable, it can be used as a hooded coat (with large front zipped pocket), universal blanket, emergency or summer sleeping bag, or a liner for ponchos or hammocks. One size fits all.

Contributor: Lukas Duszynski

Organisation: Military 1st


Eornmor Super Bright Tactical Cree Display LED Flashlight Wrist Watch

The Best Gadgets for Hiking

It’s a pretty unique watch, both in terms of style and function. It is also waterproof, which is fantastic for when you get caught in unexpected showers, as well as rechargeable with long battery life. There is a flashlight built into it so that you can see at night, and also use it as a way to navigate around your tent.

It shows both the time and the date, and you will find that there is a compass feature that makes it even handier when you decide to go on a trek. With this handy watch, you’ll never get lost again. It fits the wrist comfortably with a soft nylon strap and it can be adjusted easily if needed. No matter the outdoor activity you are taking part in, this handy watch is sure to be of service.

Contributor: Will Tottle

Organisation: Kurated Media Ltd


Ultimate Gadgets for Hiking

Portable Massage

Image result for original worm portable massage

The Original Worm is the portable massage roller that combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. It’s two compact sizes make it perfect to throw in your backpack to use before or after those long hikes. It’s also great to use in the car for that achy back on the ride home. The Worm provides neck and foot relief and everything in between

Contributor: Karen Atkins

Organisation: The Original Worm


The Wanderr

Image result for ome gear

The Wanderr is a 5 in 1 solution that can help you transport outdoor gear that also transforms into multiple seating modes and a camping cot. The biggest benefit that The Wanderr offers is its versatility. It makes it significantly easier to pack, especially for outdoor trips. It’s lightweight, convertible, and it means whoever ends up becoming the trip’s designated pack mule doesn’t have to worry about transporting gear back and forth across difficult terrain.

Contributor: Julie Weldon

Organisation: O.M.E. Gear



Image result for mistpro 3

Misty Mate has recently launched their newest model- the MISTPRO 3. The very first of its kind- it’s completely Human-Powered, Eco-Friendly, and Optimized so that it’s sleek, lightweight and easy to carry – allowing it to become your trusted Travel & Adventuring Companion; keeping you comfortable and hydrated when you’re active outdoors; or simply relaxing by the pool

Contributor: April LaCerra

Organisation: Misty Mate



Image result for ClimateCase

The ClimateCase Series is the world’s first smartphone case that can prevent your phone from overheating and freezing. The ClimateCase can also restore an already overheated or frozen smartphone in less than 60 seconds. It’s the perfect case for all your outdoor activities.

Contributor: Laurie Yannon

Organisation: Climate Case


Cool Links

Popsicool neck cooler wrap for hot weather

Cool Links works by providing a deep cooling effect to help regulate your temperature when you’re feeling hot. As your body heat rises, the Cool Cubes activate making you feel cooler by creating a cool zone around your neck. Unlike traditional ‘cooling’ towels which provide topical cooling to the skin’s surface, Cool Links penetrates to your muscles for true, long-lasting relief.

Cool Links utilizes moisture wicking wrap that keep skin dry and magnetized tabs keep the wrap in place. The wrap is filled with reusable, non-toxic cubes and are machine washable. In addition to helping people stay cool, Cool Links helps alleviate neck pain, headaches, and other ailments which affect body temperature.

Contributor: Sarah Guffey

Organisation: The Cool Links


Kor Water Bottle

Kor One BPA Free Water Bottle-Lavender, 750 ml

Any of the Kor Water Bottles are great for hikers. Kor have also launched a Bottle for Bottle initiative and for every bottle purchased on KOR, they’ll donate a reusable water bottle to a homeless shelter in need. Reusable water bottles are one of the most requested items at homeless shelters so KOR is doing their part to help.

Contributor: Sachiko Hagiya

Organisation: KOR Water


IPhone Necklace

Image result for keebos iphone necklace

The Keebos iPhone necklace helps you keep your hands free, and prevents you from dropping or losing your phone. This accessory is great for dog walking, hiking, shopping, rock climbing, biking, and many other wellness activities that are more enjoyable when your hands are free but you want to keep your phone easily accessible for a quick picture. Some of our customers even wear Keebos as a fashion accessory; either as a necklace or cross-body.

Contributor: Ramin Schultz

Organisation: Keebos


Jasco Adjustable Beam Headlamp

Image result for Jasco Adjustable Beam Headlamp

With an Adjustable Beam Headlamp, campers can have a hands free lighting experience with an ultra-bright, lightweight headlamp for use in activities that require extra visibility and dexterity which makes a more pleasant hiking experience.

Contributor: Alyssa Ringeisen

Organisation: Uproar PR


Okeegadgets Recording Sunglasses

The Best Gadgets for Hiking

These sunglasses are great because it gives you the ability to record while you hike without having to take out your phone. It also makes your hike more enjoyable since you can be present and in the moment, instead of trying to capture everything with your phone.

Contributor: Francis Mariela

Organisation: Okeegadgets


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Image result for LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

It’s hard to beat a small tube that enables you to drink any water you come across on your hike without any worry. LifeStraw is the most trusted name in the portable water filtration industry and for good reason. They earned their reputation with straws like these which remove 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria, micro plastics, and all other impurities. To top it all off, LifeStraw donates a year’s worth of fresh drinking water to a school child in need with each purchase.

Contributor: Sam Maizlech

Organisation: Glacier Wellness


Nathan Sports Luna Fire Chest

Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Chest/Waist Light

This lightweight & powerful light is perfect for any early morning or night activities where you need some extra visibility. It features a comfortable strap for secure placement on your chest or waist, plus you can easily adjust the beam angle up and down. As an added bonus, you can remove the light and clip onto your pants, jacket, hydration pack, or anywhere else to customize the exact placement and beam angle of light.

Contributor: Abby Schramm

Organisation: Nathan Sports


Nomader Water Bottle

Image result for Nomader Water Bottle

The uniquely portable Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect hydration companion for hiking. Made of shatterproof BPA-free silicone body, the reusable Nomader® bottle can be rolled-up and stowed away when not in use, yet it’s as comfortable to refill and drink from as a hard-sided bottle. This innovative reusable water bottle features a patented leak-proof cap, an ergonomic carry strap, and a wide mouth for easy cleaning. Additionally, the bottle is freezable, heat resistant, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Contributor: Bryan Sarlitt

Organisation: Nomader


Insulated DYLN Bottle

Image result for Insulated DYLN Bottle

It turns water into alkaline antioxidant water within minutes and keeps it cold for up to 24 hours.

Contributor: Juliana Walckoff

Organisation: DYLN Inspired

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