The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

green mountain across body of water

If you want to feel small and realize the greatness of the planet that you live on, visiting one of these mountains will be sure to do the trick. This article is a complete list of the best mountains and hills across the world.

The Best Hills and Mountains in the UK

Cader Idris, Snowdonia National Park

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While the peak of Snowdon in the north of Wales gets all the limelight, Cader Idris, situated at the southern edges of Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, is a truly unique and beautiful mountain that shares far less of the limelight than it’s north-based brother. The Mawddach Trail Walk, at 4.9km, takes you through the heart of some of the most gorgeous mid-Wales scenery. It starts at the cozy coastline of Barmouth, and takes you to the summit in Dolgellau, several hours later. Cyclists can also tackle the trail via two wheels, and there’s a great pub, George III, along the way in Penmaenpool. For a unique blend of crisp Welsh coastline and rugged, green mountain landscape and sweeping valleys, it simply cannot be beaten.

Contributor: D Johnson

Organisation: Nomad Paradise


The Lake District Hills

landscape photography of mountain under cloudy sky during daytime

Most people will choose to race to the top of Scafell Pike, due to its box-ticking status as England’s highest mountain. The trail is a mix of flattened paths, with steeper sections and some scrambling. As a climb, it’s consistently underestimated by weekend climbers and trekkers, and should also not be confused by nearby Scafell, which is 12m shorter!

Crossing Striding Edge to reach the summit of Helvellyn is an ideal beginner’s scramble, that will get the heart racing on a windy day! The views from the top, perched above Red Tarn, are stunning on a clear day.

For anyone not looking to reach peaks, but keen to cover some distance across the rolling hills of this varied landscape, a circuit around Windermere – the area’s largest and most famous body of water – is a must. This is a tough, 100km trek starting & finishing in Kendal, passing through Mill Side and Ambleside. Some people even choose to run the course in a single day.

Contributor: Jan Smolaga

Organisation: Action Challenge


The Best Hills and Mountains in the US

Pikes Peak, Colorado

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

America’s Mountain sits at 14,115 feet above sea level and can be reached by the no guard-rail Pikes Peak Highway (home to the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb auto race) or popular Barr Trail. Navigate five different life zones during the 12.6 mile up the mountain. The same view from the summit inspired Katharine Lee Bates to pen the words to the poem America the Beautiful. The trail also hosts the annual Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon foot race each August. The summit is also well-known for it’s special-recipe donuts that taste best when consumer at the top.

Contributor: Chelsy Offutt

Organisation: Visit Colorado Springs


Trail in Zion National Park, Utah

bird's eye view photography trees between canyons

The hike is called Angels Landing because when the first American settlers stood foot in the land they thought that it was so high that only angels would be able to get to the top. In total, the hike is 5 miles long with a 1,488 feet elevation change. The hike has 21 steep switchbacks and for the final 1/2 mile there is a skinny trail on rocks with steep drop offs on either side where the hiker can hold on to metal chain for support.m At the end of the hike is the most beautiful view of Zion! It truly takes your breath away. People come from all over the world to take in this stunning sight!

Contributor: Riley Clark

Organisation: Best Company


Flattop Mountain

silhouette of people standing on island looking at plane

Flattop Mountain is arguably one of the most popular hikes in Anchorage. It is accessible from the Glen Alps Trailhead, about 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage. This peak is one of the many access points to Chugach State Park which will mark its 50th anniversary in 2020. The top of this plateau offers views of the Anchorage skyline below, Cook Inlet, and on clear days, the tallest peak in North America: Denali. Hikers will also often see moose off in the distance. The trail to the top covers approximately three miles and 1,500 feet of elevation gain. Hikers will traverse hard-packed trail, before arriving at stairs constructed with railroad ties. At the top of the stairs, hikers will then climb up the rocks using their hands to reach the flat top of the mountain.

Contributor: Ashleigh Ebert

Organisation: Thomson and Co. Public Relations


Casper Mountain

brown wooden house near grass under white and blue sky during daytime

The best trail is the Bridle trail which starts at the base of Garden Creek Falls in Rotary Park
and offers expansive views of the city and plains below. It’s 4.5 miles long (7.2 kilometers) and takes hikers along scenic overlooks and streams before passing through Split Rock – a natural break in the side of the mountain.

Contributor: Tia Troy

Organisation: Lightning Public Relations


Stone Mountain

top view of rocky mountain and sea of clouds

Stone Mountain is the largest monadnock in North America. This bubble of granite protrudes upward about 25 miles east of Atlanta, with an abundance of trails around and on the rock face. It’s the most visited attraction in Georgia.

Contributor: Nicholas Wolaver

Great North Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World
This 4.4 mile trail is steep in the beginning but levels out as it follows the ridgeline along the Virginia/West Virginia border to towering rock outcrops with panoramic views of the Valley below. These rock outcrops are where the trail gets its name from as schloss is German for castle. The trailhead for Big Schloss is located in the Wolf Gap Recreation area of the George Washington National Forest. This is also a free option for those wanting to avoid the crowds and fees associated with Shenandoah National Park.
Contributor: Jenna French
Organisation: Shenandoah County Tourism

Mountains-to-Sea Trail in North Carolina

concrete road surrounded by trees
This is a 1175-mile trail that starts at Clingmans Dome at the Tennessee border, and finishes at
Jockey’s Ridge in the Outer Banks. The trail crosses through the Smokies, the Pisgah National Forests, and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It climbs Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi, and travels through Linville Gorge, passing the highlights there (Table Rock, Flat Top, the Cascades etc.). It also travels past Stone Mountain, Pilot Mountain, Hanging Rock, before descending into the flatter Piedmont. It does climb the highest sand dune in the east at its terminus in Jockey’s Ridge.
Contributor: Betsy Brown

The Citrus Hiking Trail in Florida

calm body of water beside green grass

Florida has many hiking trails for seasoned walkers or those just wanting a day hike and the Citrus Hiking Trail offers 43 miles of varying terrain, making it great for all abilities. You can either tackle this stimulating hike that winds throughout the state over the course of about four days, or split it up into short walks which are easily accessible by car.

Along this trail, you will pass through shaded woods, vast prairies and rolling hills; this fantastic route never has a dull moment. You’ll discover fascinating sinkholes, explore Dames Cave and picnic under oak trees, on this circular route which has been walked since the 1970s.

Contributor: Guy Novik

Organisation: Orlando Villa Holidays


The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

Åre in Jämtland, Sweden

snow-covered mountain

The village at the foot of the mount Åreskutan host some of the best summer trails, mountain bike riding and wintertime skiing in the Nordics.

Årskutan offers lift access or easy foot access to the magnificent ‘fjäll of Jämtland with multiple trails for any level, be it kids or for multi-day exposed hikes.

Explore the barren alpine fells where snow hardly melts or the birch and fir forests on foot. Find solitude and silence along calm lakes, flowing rivers and waterfalls in serene, empty valleys.

Either way, each step brings new, stunning views and a new experience worth remembering.

Contributor: Mikael Uusitalo

Organisation: Thrillism


Alishan Mountain, Taiwan

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

Situated in a country with one of the highest mountain densities in the world is Alishan Mountain of Taiwan. The small island is home to thousands of stunning mountain hiking trails and Alishan is undeniably the most famous of them all. Alishan offers 13 official trails that can range anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple days. Even so, there are many off-the-path trails that require a seasoned tour guide to conquer.

There’s a lot to see in Taiwan’s best scenic area, including miles of lush forests, four villages, spectacular waterfalls, massive tea plantations and a forest railway. Because the area is so vast, expect to stay a few days if you want to check out all the best spots of Alishan.

Contributor: Richard Jeng
Organisation: Big Little Island

Siguniangshan, China

How to visit Siguniangshan (Four Sisters Mountain)

Siguniangshan, or Four Maidens Mountain in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province is a series of 4 peaks with the highest reaching 6,250m (20,500ft). There are three valleys surrounding the mountain which offer some of the best hiking trails in China, but for the truly intrepid, it’s possible to trek the lower peaks up to an altitude of 5,025m.

Siguniangshan lies within the Aba Tibetan Autonmous Region of Sichuan and you will not help but see colourful prayer flags fluttering on the mountain breeze and temples set beneath the snowy peaks. This makes an excellent destination as it requires none of the permits of Tibet proper but retains the charm and mystique of it’s erstwhile neighbour.

Contributor: Stephen Rohan
Organisation: The Trip Goes On

Bobotov Kuk, Montenegro

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

There are two main routes up to the summit. The route up is not too difficult but it does come with some fantastic views of the surrounding mountains as you make the climb. As you get closer to the
summit there will be some beautiful lake views down below before using some fixed ropes to get you to the top. On the way down the other side of the mountain, you will pass by Ledena Pecina, also known as the Ice Cave, which is just what it sounds like. At the end of the trail, you will be able to relax at the famous Black Lake to end the day of trekking.
Contributor: Charles Breitbart
Organisation: Trip Tins

The Atlas Mountains

rock mountain under blue sky

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range located in North Africa that stretches through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. A visit to these mountains is a unique opportunity to get to know the region’s wildlife and landscapes. Visitors can also hike along the river, see the waterfalls and dip in a natural well. Berber villages make for great stops to enjoy some mint tea paired with local sweets.

Contributor: Georgina Blasco

Organisation: Free Tour


Phu Chi Fa, Thailand

aerial photography of mountain

Phu Chi Fa is famous for its sea of fog blanketing the hills and valleys below as the sun rises each day. It’s located in an out of the way corner of Chiang Rai Province near the border with Laos, but this remoteness is a benefit as it keeps the crowds away. The walk up is only ten or 15 minutes so this isn’t exactly a hiking destination, but what it lacks in trek-ability, it makes up for in sheer beauty.

Phu Chi Fa is best-known for its sunrises, but sunset is stunning as well and almost nobody goes up for it. If you ever visit, make sure to hike up in the evening, and stay until after dark because the stars are brilliant here as well.

Contributor: Ben Schaye

Organisation: It’s Better in Thailand


Nyika Mountains

The Best Hills and Mountains in the World

The Livingstonia day hike offers up beautiful views of Lake Malawi and Nyika Mountains. The trek is 16 km one way and can take anywhere between 8-12 hours. The guide will take you all the way up to the historic Livingstonia mission, where you can visit the Livingstonia old mission post, the Stone House, the church and the museum with its interesting collection of artifacts from the area, and from Doctor Laws, the founder of Livingstonia. On your way up or down, if time allows, it’s worth stopping
off at Manchewe Falls where you can cool down in a natural bath.

Contributor: Arno Delport

Organisation: Acacia Africa


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