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The Best Places in the US To Go Dune Bashing

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Dune bashing is an extreme sport that involves driving an off-roading vehicle over sand dunes. It requires skill, experience, and the right equipment to navigate the massive hills and valleys of sandy terrain without getting stuck or flipping your vehicle. Here are the best places in the US to go dune bashing.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Southwest Oregon

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is in the southwest corner of Oregon and is part of the Siuslaw National Forest. This area, characterized by rolling sand dunes, provides a unique outdoor recreation and exploration landscape. The Oregon Dunes stretch along the coast for over 40 miles, making them one of North America’s largest expanses of coastal sand dune environment.

With various activities available to visitors, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this remarkable landscape. Camping and RV spots are throughout the area. The Oregon Dunes have a vast network of off-road trails that offer challenging terrain for riders looking for an adrenaline rush or peaceful rides through vibrant landscapes. Considering all this, Oregon Dunes is the ideal place for dune bashing!

Oceano Dunes SVRA, Pismo Beach, California

The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) of Pismo Beach, California, is a unique destination providing an incredible outdoor experience. Located just minutes from downtown Pismo Beach, the SVRA encompasses over 5,000 acres of dune and beach areas along the Pacific Ocean. This pristine environment offers visitors various activities, including camping, fishing, 4×4 vehicle riding on the dunes and beaches, and more.

Oceano Dunes SVRA has miles of challenging terrain for experienced drivers or those just wanting to cruise around and take in the stunning views. Sandboarding is also very popular here, which is like snowboarding, but you ride down giant sand dunes instead of snowy hills.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab, Utah

The Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kanab, Utah, is a unique and stunning landscape you won’t want to miss. Located southeast of Zion National Park, the dunes cover 1,200 acres of colorful pink sand formed by winds blowing through nearby mountain passes. The vibrant pink hue is from iron oxide particles in the Navajo sandstone, which gives these dunes their distinctive coloring. In fact, they’re one of the few pink-hued sand formations in North America.

There’s plenty to do at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. There are campgrounds and ATV rentals, so you have everything you need for your adventure. You can enjoy tight trails, jumpable dunes, and hundreds of miles of BLM trails. Dunes here can be steep, so make sure to follow proper safety precautions in your vehicle.

Now that you know some of the best dune bashing destinations in America, you can start planning your next adventure. Make sure to stay safe on the trails to avoid accidents and injuries. And wherever you go, learn the essentials to pack for your next off-roading adventure to fully prepare.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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