The Best Places in the World for Shooting and Camping Holidays

The Best Places in the World for Shooting and Camping Holidays

The Best Places in the World for Shooting and

Camping Holidays

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Are you a hunting or camping enthusiast running out of ideas for your next holiday? Look no further. We have asked people to tell us all about their favourite destinations for hunting and camping holidays and have compiled them into this list.

The Best Places in the World for Camping Holidays

The Mediterranean Coast

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“I think the best place to go camping in Europe is by the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Personally, I find Spain beautiful, it has so many beaches and a large coast. However, in my opinion, the best  place is the Croatian coast and the Montenegro coast. There are so many wild places without people and cities – the landscape is fantastic.”

Contributor: Djordje Milinkovic

Salida, Colorado

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Mt. Shavano Wildlife Area has free dispersed camping just west of the quaint town of Salida, Colorado nestled in the high peaks of the Rockies. A great option to enjoy the best of camping and being as close as you can get to fantastic outdoor activities. Mt. Shavano Wildlife Area offers great
views, stunning sunsets, and the adorable town of Salida close by!

Salida has wineries, breweries, restaurants, and tons of hiking, kayaking, and rafting adventures, making the area a hidden gem of Colorado! The Colorado Trail and trail head for Mt. Shavano are also only a few miles up the road from your camping spot. You can compare rental prices and rent
bikes online to go around town or take out on the many mountain bike trails in the area. The famous Arkansas River offers outstanding kayaking, rafting and paddle boarding options – book your adventure online today.

In terms of accessibility, the road to access Mt. Shavano Wildlife Area can be a bit rough and steep in spots but has been managed easily by even large Class A motor homes with slow and careful driving.

The camping area has many spots, few campers, fire rings at every site, and offers lots of space and privacy to take in the beautiful views of the surrounding fourteeners. There is a maximum stay of 14 days. Mt. Shavano Wildlife Area camping is a great place for all kinds of campers from
backpackers with tents to larger RVs.

Contributor: Julie Singh

Organisation: My Trip Outside


The Best Places in the World for Hunting Holidays

Glacier National Park

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Glacier’s beauty is unparalleled, and their trail system and shuttle service make it easy to become immersed in it.

With Lake McDonald and Saint Mary’s Lake anchoring the Going to the Sun Road, swimming and fishing can be your camping mainstays.

Kids and adults alike love crossing snowfields in the middle of the summer. When there’s snow, you can keep an eye out for mountain goats. There is also a plethora of bighorn sheep, bear, and moose.

Several hiking trails cross the continental divide, and if you plan your hiking route from and to Going to the Sun Road, you won’t need to hike a loop. The shuttle can drop you off at one point and pick you up at your destination.

The campgrounds in the park are lovely but fill early during peak season. There are many equally wonderful campgrounds in the National Forest surrounding the park if you need another option.

Contributor: Sara Routhier

Organisation: 360 llc



landscape photography of river surrounded by forest

Montana is one of the best places to take a hunting holiday for several reasons.

First, the game. From birds to bears and everything in between, Montana has it. Trophy bull elk, mule and whitetail deer, and pronghorn antelope are some of the most popular game animals.

Second, the land. If you’re looking for a public lands hunt, about one-third of the state is public land. With OnX Maps, you can be sure of where you are even if it’s your first visit to the state.

The eastern part of the state is mainly flat. The middle of the state hosts the biggest elk and mule deer, but the Missouri River Breaks terrain can be difficult to navigate with many steep ravines. The western part of the state is mountainous and high in elevation, so you’ll need to be in shape
to navigate the forests.

Third, the hospitality. The people in Montana are nice. They treat visitors with warmth and welcome.

One technique that works well in Montana is spot and stalk. Glass and find an animal you’d like to go after and then figure out the best way to get to it.

Get comfortable shooting 300-400 yards, because that’s how far most shots will need to be. If you are skilled in long-range shooting, you’ll do even better.

Contributor: Sara Routhier

Organisation: 360 llc


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