The Best Products for a Detox

The Best Products for a Detox

The Best Products for your Health

The Best Products for a Detox

Sometimes, all your body and mind needs is a good old detox.

Detoxing for your mind can be amazing, one of my favourite ways to detox my mind is to have a social media detox and it does wonders for me. I notice that I am so much more happier and productive. However, a detox for the body is what we will be talking about today. Whilst our bodies are of course designed to survive by eating food and having the correct nutrition, sometimes it is helpful to give our bodies a bit of a rest. How do we do this? We have a detox.

Today, I am here to share with you some helpful advice that I have sourced from professionals that know the correct way to detox and what the best products are for detoxing as well as refueling your body.

The Ultimate Detoxing Products

Herbs and Natural Plants

This first piece of advice comes from a yogi that loves to detox and has experimented with a variety of products over the years…


The Best Products for a Detox

Triphala has been used in Ayurveda medicine for over a thousand years. It consists of a mixture of three herbs native to India, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins and saponins. Triphala is a strong anti-inflammatory, promotes good digestion and elimination, and has been shown to reduce heart disease, diabetes and premature ageing.

Aloe Vera

The Best Products for a Detox

Aloe Vera is globally known for its detoxifying properties. It is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory due to its large quantity of Vitamin C. The outer surface of the plant contains a compound called anthraquinones which have a strong laxative effect.

Contributor: Ked Suri

Organisation: Yogi Press


Organic Juice Cleanse

This product recommendation comes from someone that prefers to drink juices for a few days as their detoxing method…

The Best Products for a Detox

This is made from organic items like fruits and vegetables which don’t harm you at all. It will detoxify harmful elements from the body and you will feel better after 3 days.You only need to drink it and avoid heavy and fried foods for 3 days to see a good result.

Contributor: Noman Asghar

Organisation: Fan Jackets


CBD Sparkling Water

Image result for infuzed thirst drink

This product recommendation is an alternative to just drinking normal water throughout your detox…

Live your best life by adding a little spark! This stress-free, guilt-free,anxiety-free and sugar-free hemp infused sparkling water will give you all the motivation you need to start your day fresh and end your day inspired. Using a nano-emulsification process for our hemp extract gives you the most
effective, bio-available, fastest-absorbing product on the market. Say goodbye to physical and emotional fatigue because you can do it all with style, grace and a can of Infused Thirst.

Contributor: Jigme Love

Organisation: Infuzed Brands


B Vitamins

The Best Products for a Detox

This recommendation comes from a dietitian…

B vitamins are required for the biochemical detoxification pathway that occurs in the liver and without them the livers ability to detox is compromised. Choosing supplements that contain methylated forms of B vitamins ensures that they will be better absorbed and utilized by the body


Contributor: Joanna Foley RD

Organisation: Joanna Foley Nutrition


The Best Products to Refuel

Picking a Protein Powder

Pick a protein powder that has a low glycemic index for proper blood sugar control. It should provide a balance of protein, carbs and fat and contain a natural source of amino acids & vitamins, made from whey, pea & rice, contain 640 iu of Omega 3 per serving, should be low in sodium, carbohydrates and sugar. The whey protein should be Grass-fed, Casein-free and low lactose, Gluten-free and contain natural antioxidants, naturally flavored with no added sugar or salt.

Although protein should be the main ingredient, carbs and fats should be included for the appropriate macro-nutrient balance.

The following is an example of a breakdown of nutrients for an ideal protein powder:

High Protein – 11 grams
High Fiber – 4 grams
Low Carb – 5 grams
Low Sugar – 1 gram
Low Fat – 2 grams
Low Calorie – 80 calories.
60% Protein 30% Carbs and 10% Fat
Non-GMO, rBGH-Free, Whey Protein Concentrate
Pea Protein, Non-GMO
Rice Bran and Germ
L-Lysine (plant-based)
Prebiotic Fiber – Tapioca
Omega 3 Complex (Flaxseed, DHA/ Docosahexaenoic Acid, Micro-Algae Oil –
Kosher and Halal approved)
Organic Acerola Powder
Natural Vanilla Flavor
RebA (Stevia Extract)
Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum cassia bark)

Contributor: Dr Carolyn Dean

Organisation: Dr Carolyn Dean


Pea Protein Roasted Cocoa

The Best Products for a Detox

Pea Protein Roasted Cocoa is flavored with real cocoa powder so it has a deep, chocolatey taste, like homemade hot chocolate!

Contributor: Emily Bray

Organisation: Nutristrength


Diesel Protein

The Best Products for a Detox

Diesel is for the extremely health conscious users. This protein has no hormones, gluten or artificial flavors, tastes great and does not give you a bloated feeling after consuming it.

Contributor: William Chin

Organisation: Pick Fu


Jeff’s Best Hemp Protein Powder

The Best Products for a Detox

It’s sourced from organically-certified hemp farms in Canada and in accordance with fair-trade regulations.

The powder itself is made with pure organic cold-milled hemp with no GMO’s, additives, flavors or fillers. This allows it to pack a whopping 16g of protein and 6g of fiber per scoop, which is excellent compared to other similar products in its class. Aside from the protein content, it also delivers essential omega-6 oils that are naturally present in hemp.

Contributor: Nick Galov

Organisation: Review 42


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