The Best Products for a Juice Fast

The Best Products for a Juice Fast

The Best Products for a Juice Fast

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What better time than to do a juice fast than the end of summer? Summer is often spent drinking in beer gardens, going to weddings, eating on the go – Any routine just goes out of the window. A juice fast is one of the best ways to rid your body of any toxins that are harbouring within you and flush them out, filling you with a new feeling of energy and freshness. We wanted to find out the best products for a juice fast so that we could try one out for ourselves but, we wanted to make sure the products that we used were the best so; We set ourselves the task of speaking to multiple professionals and companies and have compiled their recommendations into this article.

Tips for Juice Fasting

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If you’re going to be doing a juice fast then you should follow some helpful

1. First thing is to discontinue the harmful foods or habits and

2. Sleep well because the body cures itself while the person is sleeping.
Take at least eight hours of sleep to get better results.

3. Drink water and juices after the intervals to stay hydrated.

4. Eat light things to avoid hunger such as fruits and vegetables, avoid
fried items totally.

5. Exercise somehow to remain active.

Contributor: Noman Asghar

Organisation: Fan Jackets


The Best Equipment for a Juice Fast

The Hamilton Beach Juicer

The Best Products for a Juice Fast

The Hamilton Beach Juicer is a fantastic way to help you prepare for your
juice cleanse. It’s easy to clean and easy to operate. It has a wide mouth
and powerful motor so it can handle any veggies you throw at it. No juice
cleanse is really manageable without a good juicer. Also, after your
juice cleanse the having a juicer is a great way to add in healthy fruit
and vegetable juice to you and your family’s diet.

Contributor: Caleb Backe

Organisation: Maple Holistics


Vinci Housewares Hands-Free Juicer

The Best Products for a Juice Fast

It’s essential during a juice fast that your body gets every drop of vitamins out of fruit. The new Hands-Free Juicer from Vinci Housewares ensures every bit of fruit is made into juice without ever scraping the sour rind with just the press of a button. Sensors do the job no matter the size of the fruit, from small limes to giant grapefruit. Cleaning up is just as easy with dishwasher-safe parts. It comes with two, easily interchangeable pulp filters — low and high — and a full, one-year warranty.

Contributor: Martin Stein

Organisation: Orca Communications


Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

The Best Products for a Juice Fast

This juicer is fantastic and comes with great recipes. It is very easy to clean.
It comes with a special brush to get all of the small fibres out of the blades. The pitcher that catches the juice is designed well so as not to make a huge mess. I recommend following the instructions as far as how much fruit or vegetables to put in at one time. Sometimes it leaves small chunks behind, so before juicing the next piece of produce, check for any leftover pieces.

Contributor: Sara Routhier

Organisation: 360 llc

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