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The Best Rifles for Game Hunting

Why Sport Hunting Shouldn't Be Banned

The Best Rifles for Game Hunting

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When choosing a rifle for game hunting the first thing you should always do is check into your local hunting laws to ensure whatever firearm you choose is within the legal parameters with regards to action and capacity. There are often restrictions on the capacity permitted when hunting, also some states don’t allow semi-automatic rifles for hunting certain game. Furthermore, durability and accuracy are important qualities when choosing a hunting rifle. The type of game and the relative range you will be engaging the game are relative for the type of cartridge and caliber you should choose.

How to: Choose a Rifle

Things to Consider

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Depending on the terrain and type of game you’re hunting, your choice of cartridge and barrel length may vary. Bolt action rifles with a full size rifle cartridge are generally permitted and advisable for the vast majority of medium or large game you may be hunting.

Rifle Types

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When it comes to bolt action hunting rifles Tikka rifles are the relatively unknown but are remarkably accurate and durable. They are really leading the market for quality bolt action rifles. The cost of their rifles varies ranging from $650- $1,200 depending on the model, not including a scope. They also come in a variety of calibers and designs. Their action is based on the Mosin-Nagant rifle that was used by Russian infantry forces in WWI and WWII. The Mosin-Nagant is well known in the firearms community as being a robust, reliable, and accurate rifle. After over 100 years it’s still beloved by many firearms enthusiasts for how budget-friendly it is while still being accurate and reliable. The way these rifles were stored post-production makes them last for centuries. You can purchase a new one for a couple hundred dollars if you find the right dealer. I know several individuals who hunt with a Mosin-Nagant for these reasons. Mounting a scope on a standard Mosin-Nagant can be rather difficult to do yourself, as it involves drilling, but since it’s so cheap to begin with, getting a rail mounted professionally is worth it. If you are interested in purchasing one, it’s advisable to get one produced between the world wars. Rifles produced during the war were rushed in production and were not made to the same quality as a rifle produced during peacetime.

Go With What Feels Right

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Choosing an ideal rifle for hunting should be a relatively fun experience. Looking up what’s permitted legally should be your first priority, but after that finding something that fits your budget and fills your needs is definitely achievable with relatively small room for error. If you’re new to hunting there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a rifle when a simple military surplus rifle like the Mosin-Nagant will fit your needs. I have seen many new hunters get wrapped up in the show of having the biggest, baddest hunting rifle at the range for no reason other than showing it off. You’re better off finding a rifle that you enjoy shooting, is comfortable for you to shoot, and getting in the range time so you don’t miss your shot when the time comes. If you’re an avid hunter and you’re looking for something a bit more specific, Tikka rifles are your best bet for a durable accurate rifle that will help you bring home some game.

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