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The Best Snacks To Bring Along on a Hike

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Water bottle? Check.

Backpack? Check.

Map? Check.

But what to bring for a snack?

People who go hiking know that the snack is an essential part of the experience. You need food that produces fuel to keep your body moving as well as the positive energy you need to keep your mind on the task ahead. For hikers who need ideas, here are a few of the best snacks to bring along on a hike.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is to hiking as apple pie is to July Fourth: delicious, just right for the occasion, and common to the point of being almost necessary. A compact, easily portable snack, rich with protein and energy-boosting sugar, trail mix is delicious to munch on as you walk and a savory treat when you take a break. It’s recommended that you avoid trail mixes that are too full of candy, lest you ruin the workout provided by a hearty hike.


High in potassium, easy to pack, and delightfully squishy, bananas were practically made for hiking. After all, its peel can act as a sort of handle for hikers who want to eat and walk without getting their hands sticky. For an extra treat, some hikers like to mix their bananas with peanut butter. If you do bring some peanut butter along, just make sure you have plenty of water. Peanut butter and bananas will build a thirst, and you don’t want to be ill prepared for that on a hike.

Beef Jerky

Although there are many different kinds of jerky to consider, the most common is still beef, and with good reason. A popular hiking staple, jerky is actually healthier than you might think. Beef jerky is high in protein, which will help you build muscle on your hike. It’s also high in iron, which helps the body burn fat and carry oxygen from the lungs. Aside from its health benefits, beef jerky is an attractive option for hikers because its salty, musky taste feels like the appropriate food for an outdoor setting. In many ways, beef jerky matches the mood.


Whether you make your own or buy it at a store, granola is one of the best snacks to bring along on a hike because it uses simple ingredients to make for a delightfully delicious bite. It will give you some of the energy you need to get through a long terrain while also offering a bit of sweetness to make the whole day a little easier.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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