The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

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Apparently, as soon as Halloween is over everyone’s minds jump straight to Christmas. If you’re the type of person that likes to prepare months in advance and start buying things then this article is here to help you out. Stocking fillers are one of the best parts about Christmas, they have that magic about them that can make you feel five years old again. We asked people for their stocking filler recommendations and have compiled them into this post for you.

Essential Stocking Fillers for 2019


Really Tiny Book Light


The Really Tiny Book Light is an award winning gift for book lovers. Available in ten different colours, this is the slimmest and trimmest book light on the market. It clips onto the top of your book and can be angled to a full 90 degree tilt, ensuring book worms are never without a source of light. It’s the ideal solution for kids reading under their duvet or travelers camping out at night. Each book light comes with batteries pre-fitted so it’ll be ready to go on Christmas evening.

Contributor: Jonathon Doubtfire

Organisation: IF PLC


Sleep Headphones

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

We live in a world of non-stop, over-stimulation. People are constantly on high-alert, bombarded with text messages, emails, work updates, social media posts – you name it. When you’re constantly on edge, it can be a challenge to slow yourself down, to relax and, more importantly, to sleep. This is especially important for fitness lovers, who need to recover optimally in order to preform at their best. Our Sleep Mask Headphones help you disconnect, recenter, relax and recharge. Whether you need to catch some Z’s between calls, take short break from a difficult day, grab a quick nap between errands, or just guarantee a terrific night’s sleep – our Sleep Mask Headphones are a great solution.

Contributor: Brody Elkins

Organisation: Lets Just Sleep


The 5 in 1 Golf Tool

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

The 5-in-1 Golf Tool fits right into your pocket and is a cigar holder, ball marker, groove cleaner, club holder and divot repair.

Contributor: Sara Feinstein

Organisation: Exact Golf Tool



Turn on the Light Face Serum

"Turn On The Light" Face Serum

Hydrates and protects your skin during those harsh winter months. All-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Contributor: Daniel Lannon

Organisation: Mahina Beaute


Beauty Bar Chocolate

Beauty Bar Chocolate

Beauty Bar Chocolate is hand crafted sugar-free dark chocolate with Pearl Collagen and Adaptogens. It is a healthy treat that makes your skin glow while bringing calm energy to your day. The packaging is adorable and makes the perfect healthy stocking stuffer to indulge mindfully and relax!

Contributor: Heather James

Organisation: Beauty Bar Chocolate


CBD Rapid Relief Cream

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

Created for professional athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between, our Rapid Relief Cream is an all-natural and non-addictive pain management alternative that many people rely on to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Infused with menthol, the cream provides instant relief for sore muscles, joints, and everything in between.

Contributor: Sam White

Organisation: My Soul CBD



Purifying Travel Mist

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

PlaneAire is made with a potent, proprietary blend of 6 organic essential oils and ingredients from organic fruit. That is it. This blend kills 99.99% of illness causing bacteria we come in contact with
while traveling (MRSA, Salmonella, Staph!) and keeps them away for HOURS after just one or two sprays per area (lab tested and scientifically proven by EMSL Analytical). Once sprayed, a fresh herbal scent can be smelled that quickly dissipates. It is sold on, Amazon, and in some airports at CIBO Marketplace.

Contributor: Keisha Nelson

Organisation: PlaneAire


Caterpty Laces

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

No athlete likes to fumble around with shoelaces, so stuff their stockings with no-tie Caterpy Laces! A marathon runner created Caterpy Laces with elastic bump technology which turns your favorite existing tie shoes into slip ons. The bumps also allow you to customize tension at every eyelet row
to match your foot shape. Just lace the shoes as you normally would, adjust the tension at each eyelet row and the bumps hold the laces in place with no need to tie a knot at the top. The customized tension also allows for better blood circulation to the feet which is helpful as they swell during activity. The laces are one size fits all, so once the fit is perfect, any extra lace can be cut off or tucked back in.

Contributor Vivian Wolf

Organisation: Orca Communications


Pegasi 2 Light SAD Light Therapy Glasses

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

These little glasses use a special blue/green light to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and the winter doldrums. You wear them for 30 minutes each morning while you’re getting ready for your day. During that time, they provide the equivalent of 10,000 lux of light, which combats SAD.

They are much more convenient than the box-style SAD lamps because you can move around with them as you go throughout your morning routine and still get the 10k lux exposure.

Contributor: Kayla Young

Organisation: Luxe Luminous


Handheld Blender

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

This is a great gift for cooks. What’s great about this blender/mixer is that it is sleek, so it can fit anywhere if kitchen space is not available. It can also fit nicely in a stocking or a gift bag. This stick mixer makes life easier so you don’t have to manually whisk ingredients together.

Contributor: Jonathon Mendoza

Organisation: Fueled


Rheos Floating Sunglasses

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

Rheos polarized floating shades are designed to never sink, making them the perfect gift for the angler who is sick of losing their Costas while out on a fishing trip. At just $50, Rheos offer many of the same features as brand-name sunglasses without the designer price tag, plus the added benefit of floatability thanks to our super-light frame material. Our premium, anti-scratch lenses also include a finish of dual-sided anti-fog coating for maximum clarity.

Contributor: Kelsey Wettig

Organisation: Rheos Gear


KT Tape

KT TAPE PRO, Pre-cut, 20 Strip, Synthetic, Stealth Beige

This year, it’s KT TAPE. You’ve seen it, but you’re not quite sure how it works. Take it from top athletes in every sport. From World Cup champion, Rose Lavelle, to volleyball Gold Medalist, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, KT Tape is a locker room essential for the reactive care and proactive support you need to go the distance. In short, KT Tape is essential stuff for active people. But it doesn’t stop there.

Contributor: Shannon Stern

Organisation: TBC


How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short 

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

This is a breezy, information-packed guide that features all kinds of money-saving tips on entertainment, travel, shopping, fashion, restaurants, beauty, health, home décor, and more.
Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair styled at upscale salons for free, how to get designer clothes for free, and even how to spend six nights at a four-star resort in Spain for FREE!

Contributor: M J Anderson

Organisation: How to Live Like a Millionaire 



The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

Laundreez was designed for washing clothes on the move while being kind to them.  Detergents do the work and the Laundreez provides a convenient place to produce the magic. A few shakes during the soaking process produces a great clean. For tougher stains, a good massage will help. The easy-to-use screw cap makes emptying water and refilling to rinse a breeze. Unlike other hand washing methods your hands stay dry!

Contributor: Ann Chappell

Organisation: Laundreez


Food for the Family Soul – Cookbook

The Best Stocking Fillers for 2019

Food For The Family Soul is a new take on good old fashioned family get-togethers. Each book in the series is designed as a catalyst to bring families together cooking in the kitchen. Call your mother in the law is the first in the series. The magic behind the series is that the books all work together with recipes that complement other recipes in the following book. These books are the go-to cookbooks for all families.

Contributor: Ashley Nunez

Organisation: Junk Food Kids



Plant Alchemy Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt CBD Dark Chocolate Bar- 60 mg

Let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful. Why not help ease the anxiety and pressures by indulging in a delicious treat. Since it’s 70% dark chocolate its actually good for you.

Contributor: Ezza Valdez

Organisation: The Alchemists Kitchen


My Drink Bomb

My Drink Bomb Mixologi

The latest craze for cocktail lovers. Think bath bombs, but for cocktails. Activated by a liquid, the bombs begin to fizz once dropped into a glass of sparkling water & paired spirit. Pick your favorite flavors such as Cosmo, Moscow Mule, Mojito, and holiday flavors such as Pumpkin Spice and
Peppermint Martini.

Contributor: Reyne Hirsch

Organisation: Outside the Box Media


Unicorn Color Changing Mug

Unicorn Coffee Tea Color Changing Mug - Perfect Gift for Unicorn Lover

High quality UNICORN mug makes the perfect gift for the special lady on your list– your mom, daughter, friend, or coworker. Mug is black when cold, but Unicorn appears when hot liquid is added to the mug (heat sensitive). Magical! Perfect for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate lovers. Packaged, and shipped from the USA. Handwashing and Microwave safe. Shipped in a custom made styrofoam package to ensure it arrives perfect.

Contributor: Brittney Joy

Organisation: Brittney Joy Books


Luc and Bell Bracelet

beaded bracelet with swarovski crystals image 0

Each piece has a red bead symbolizing strength and protection, a heart for love and an animal specifically chosen for its commitment to family and community – like a penguin, an elephant or a wolf.

Contributor: Luc and Bell

Organisation: Luc and Bell


Offensive Crayons

"Red, White, and F*ck You" Edition - Offensive Crayons

These are a wildly popular stocking stuffer for the holidays and great for your gift guide! They’re
crayons with outrageous color names on them, including boner pill blue, insufferable vegan green, privilege (white), etc.

Contributor: Alice Vaughn

Organisation: Offensive Crayons


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