The Different Types of Pocket Knives and Their Uses

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Many people carry pocket knives with them. They come in handy for many situations and can help with self-defense in a pinch. Consumers may not know that there are different types of pocket knives for various uses. Continue reading to determine which pocket knife is the best fit for you.

Clip-Point Blade

The clip-point blade is a common type of pocket knife blade. It features an edge that curves upward with a spine that appears to be clipped off near the tip. This design results in a blade with a sharp point and a wide cutting edge.

What is the clip-point blade ideal for? Use a clip-point blade pocket knife for precision slicing and cutting and making punctures.

Slip Joint Knife

This type of pocket knife came to be in England around 1660. People didn’t appreciate solely relying on friction to keep the blade open. The blade is held in place by tension. One side of the handle has the blade that pivots around the joint, and the other side contains a flat bar called a back spring. The back spring creates pressure against the metal, keeping the knife open for use.

You most likely own a slip joint pocket knife if you have a pocket knife. They’re incredibly popular, and for one particularly good reason: they store easily. You can keep these pocket knives in bags, purses, pockets, and car consoles. Pull one out to cut an annoying string on your clothes, remove a tag, or poke a hole in a material.

Camper Knife or Multitool

If you’re an avid outdoor explorer or camper, the camper knife or multitool is your pocket knife. These knives accompany plenty of other tools to help you in multiple situations. They can help you open jars, gather sticks to start a fire, remove a splinter, and so much more! Look for a multitool or camper knife with the tools you’ll need and utilize.

The Pen Knife

There was once a time when most people wrote with quills. This design sparked the inspiration for the pen pocket knife. The quill required piercing before anyone who could write with it. The sleek design and narrow blade make it perfect for carving and self-defense.

There are plenty of pocket knife types for consumers to choose from. You can also carry a different one for various uses. Ensure you’re cleaning your pocket knife to keep it functioning correctly. Pocket knives are typically objects that people use for years and pass down for generations.

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