The Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Drone

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As drones have advanced in their design and capabilities, we have also found ways to make drones smaller, cheaper, and more readily available to consumers looking to get into drones. Drones have come into prominence over the last decade, and they were originally brought into the mainstream once the military began using them. This ignited a spark of interest enough for tech companies to try to put them out to consumers. If you’ve been thinking about getting a drone and taking it out on your outdoor adventures, take a look at the top three reasons you should have a drone.


For those who are interested in photography, getting a drone opens up a whole new view of the world to them. Your neighborhood and local spots are something you’re probably familiar with, but drones give you unprecedented access to see things from an entirely new perspective. You can explore places you previously believed you knew everything about when you invest in a drone. Another way of thinking about it is that it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for your photography, allowing you to reach extremely high elevations without risking your own safety. This is the most common use of drones, and probably the top reason you should have one.


Once humans develop a thing that moves, we end up racing it—and that’s exactly what we’re doing with drones. Over the past year, dozens of drone leagues have cropped up across the United States, with the most prominent professional organization being the Drone Racing League. Purpose-built drones are flown by pilots wearing video goggles and with reflexes similar to those of a cat. Oftentimes, there are cash prizes involved in these races, and the more popular the sport becomes, the more money will come from it!


Now, picture yourself fishing offshore, in search of some enormous fish, and you must accurately drop your bait. Dropping it and speeding away was the standard method for pulling these lines out of the water, unless the wind was just right—in which case you might balloon or kite to assist. As a result, you were in the position of trusting in your abilities. A solution has now been found: in drone fishing, you can accurately drop your line anywhere you want, with the only limitation being the battery life of the drone and the length of the line. Perfecting the ability to cast half a kilometer away with pinpoint accuracy is now easy as pie.

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Written by Henry Johnson

Photo by Maxim Potkin on Unsplash

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