The Top 3 Tips for Hunting Hogs After Dark

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Daytime is for the deer; nighttime is for the hogs. Venison is delicious, but any good thing gets boring if you have it too much—except for bacon. If you’ve ever gone out hog hunting and returned empty-handed, you probably didn’t follow these top three tips for hunting hogs after dark.

Bring Dogs

You can usually find hogs in spots with heavy cover and brush. That’s good for the pigs and bad for you—unless you take dogs with you. A dog will sniff out your prey and flush them out and create an exciting, high-speed experience for you and your buddies. Waiting around for the pigs to come to you can get boring, and you’re probably looking to avoid that.

Just remember to take a good hunting knife along with you, too. When the dogs move in on the hogs, shooting in that direction is no longer an option—you’ll want one hunter to grab the back legs and another to kill it while your dogs distract it.

Take Your Truck

Moving around on foot is slow, and you might feel like the property is too large to cover without an engine helping you out. If you decide to add your truck to the mix, you’ll also want to invest in good hog hunting lights to spotlight your bait sites.

As tempting as it is, don’t drive too much. Hogs are clever—they’ll learn the sound of your truck and know to stay away after a little while, so use your mobility wisely.

Wait Over Bait

While dogs and trucks are exciting and get your blood pumping, the most effective method to bag a hog is to wait in a stand above your bait. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your buddies, as the other hunting options are a little more explosive and a little less serene.

Now that you know the top three tips for hunting hogs after dark, break out the smoker and enjoy some pulled pork and ribs!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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