Tips for Gaining More Speed When Windsurfing

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Are you trying everything in your power to go faster when you’re windsurfing but aren’t finding your groove? There could be several things you’re doing wrong. What you think might propel your board faster through the water could actually slow it down.

If you want to gain more speed when windsurfing, consider using the following tricks and techniques. Soon, you’ll be mesmerizing everyone on the beach with your speed as you zoom through the water.

Try a Larger Sail

The sail you use can be a determining factor in how fast you go when windsurfing. This is because the wind catches the sail. So if your sail is smaller, you won’t be able to use large gusts of wind to propel you forward faster. The larger the sail you use, the more wind you can utilize for speed. Try exchanging your sails if you’re having an issue with your current selection.

Relax and Let Your Gear Do the Work

Don’t fight for control with the various components on your windsurfing board. Your equipment can do the work for you if you let it. Try to relax and let your gear take you where it needs to. Constantly swinging the sail or moving your body will only make it more challenging to windsurf. Like the water beneath you, go with the flow.

Adjust Your Body Position

Your body position will change depending on whether you’re surfing upwind or downwind. For example, when you’re going upwind, your upper body and torso should lean forward and vice versa for downwind. Using the incorrect body position will slow you down and cause you to lose momentum. This will take some practice. But eventually, it’ll become second nature.

Know How to Windsurf Over Chop

Choppy waves can be annoying because they’re often rough and hard to maneuver over. You might think that when it’s windier, you’ll go faster, but the reality is that it will only make the water more wavy and choppy.

When you find that you’re riding over chop, dig your heels into the board and lift your toes up to bring the front of the board out of the water. The less your board touches the surface of the water, the easier you can ride from chop to chop without losing speed.

Avoid Light Winds

While windsurfing in strong winds isn’t always ideal, neither are light winds. You should try to avoid light winds because your adventure on the water won’t be as great that day. However, if you do find that wind speeds are lower once you’re on the water, you can use certain methods to maximize windsurfing in light winds. For example, using the swell of the waves to propel you down can help you gain a little speed. Avoid light winds or adjust your technique to accommodate for this.

Go out and try these new tips to gain more speed when windsurfing. It’ll take some practice, but the more time you spend on the water, the better your skills will be. What do you do to increase your windsurfing speed?

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Written by Henry Johnson

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