Tips for Storing Your Bike in an Outdoor Shed

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Some bikers only ride their motorcycles every blue moon, while others ride any chance. Regardless of how often you take your bike on a spin around town or on the open road when you come home, it would be best if you always took the extra measures to store your motorcycle appropriately to ensure that your bike is safe from pests, thieves, and damage.

If you want to purchase an outdoor shed for your bike to rest, here are a few tips for storing your motorcycle in an outdoor shed to ensure that your bike is in pristine condition.

Be Mindful of the Risks

Before placing your motorcycle in a garage or shed, you should remember that bikes are very vulnerable in humid spaces. When left in moist environments, all parts of your bike, including rubber ones, will deteriorate prematurely.

To avoid this from happening, you should invest in a high-quality motorcycle cover. A dependable cover will protect your bike’s moving parts and paint while keeping the moisture out.

You should invest in a high-quality shed. Be sure to take extra precautions to ensure that your outdoor shed has no holes, cracks, or leaks. Also, if your outdoor shed is not secure and properly maintained, you risk rodents hiding in your bike or chewing on wires.

Prepare Your Bike for Storage

Your bike is an investment that you should be kept in excellent care to hold its value. Before storing your bike away, you should always make sure that your bike is clean and waxed for protection against rust. You should also check the battery, fuel tank, and tires to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Get a Shed Big Enough To Hold Your Bike and More

When looking for a shed to store your bike, you want to get a shed large enough to hold your bike, tools, and other miscellaneous items. However, you want to get a shed that is the right size for the available space. If you don’t have ample backyard space, then you should get a shed big enough for your bike and bike-related tools.

Take the Appropriate Safety Precautions

The most important tip for storing your bike in a shed is to keep your bike safe from sticky fingers. If your shed has windows, you can use spray-on glass frosting or film to reduce the visibility of your bike through the window. Also, you should lock the doors to your shed and lock your bike down when it’s not in use.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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