Top Things To Carry in Your Car During the Winter

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The winter is one of the most unforgiving seasons. In many parts of the country, getting stranded in your car unprepared during the winter can spell a death sentence. As such, you owe it to yourself to have the most important things for winter in your car, as doing so will help you survive the ordeal. Here are the top things to carry in your car during the winter!

Traction Boards

Traction boards are one of the best ways to regain traction once you have become stuck in any mud or snow that may be on the road. These boards work to displace the weight of the car over a larger area. Doing so provides a more stable place for the wheel to pull on, resulting in the vehicle regaining traction. In a pinch, you can use your floor mats from the car for the same effect. However, be aware that the effect that these will provide will be inferior to real traction boards.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are an essential object to keep in your car, as they can provide life-saving stability on any icy road. Without tire chains, you may not be legally allowed to traverse some roads. While sets of chains may be expensive and hard to put on, it is a skill that you absolutely must know if you plan on driving in winter conditions in many parts of the country.

A Good Blanket

In the cases where you may need to spend a night in your car during the winter, a good blanket definitely will come in handy. Keeping a thick blanket, sleeping bag, or even a good set of clothes can save your life in the case where you get stranded on an icy or snowed-in road. While this may not happen to absolutely everyone, you will definitely be glad that you are prepared if it does happen to you.

While this may not be everything you must keep in your car during winter, it is definitely a good start to the top things to bring. Remember that winter is an extremely dangerous time for cars. The ice can easily make the best driver lose traction, and the snow can make most drivers stuck in their tracks. As such, it is best to prepare for absolutely anything that could happen while on the road!

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Written by Henry Johnson

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