Ways To Preserve Your Car’s Suspension

Ways To Preserve Your Car’s Suspension

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Whether you are casually driving through your neighborhood or taking your car off-roading, your vehicle’s suspension system is crucial to keeping you safe. Your suspension maximizes your tires’ grip with the surface you are driving on and absorbs the impact of any bumps along the way. Your suspension takes a lot of abuse, but there are ways to preserve your car’s suspension to keep your vehicle on the move and keep you safe.

Check Your Tires

When engaging in high-impact vehicular activities, you may find that your tires will leak air at a faster rate than you are when driving. Because of this greater air leakage, there is a greater likelihood that your vehicle may have lower air pressure than expected. If your tires are deflated, even if it seems insignificant, this can cause problems for your car and your suspension.

Make Sure You Fill Your Tires

Fully inflated tires help absorb some of the road’s impacts, saving your suspension from taking unnecessary damage in the process. The less inflated they are, the more your suspension system has to compensate. Beyond aiding your suspension, underinflated tires make your car more difficult to handle; keeping them filled is a quick way to improve its handling.

Don’t Exceed the Weight Limit

Every vehicle has its weight limit, and going over that limit can mean a few different problems. In relation to your suspension, that extra weight puts more of a downward force on your car, straining it further when it hits bumps and holes.

Stay Within Acceptable Weight Parameters

Whether there are too many people in your car, you have too much equipment installed, or you have a combination of both, make sure you don’t break the limit of what is safe for your vehicle. Check your user’s manual to discern exactly how much your vehicle can handle.

Natural Wear and Tear

Any driving—but especially off-road conditions—will put stress on your suspension, inevitably causing it to fail. Anything that jostles your car will chip away at your suspension’s structural integrity, whether those are speed bumps on the road or shifting terrain. If you cannot avoid these situations, you will need to have your suspension system regularly inspected so that it does not fail unexpectedly.

Know the Condition

The moment you start using them, your suspension will begin to deteriorate. While you cannot completely prevent its eventual breakage, you can implement ways to increase your suspension’s longevity. Know what kind of shape your suspension in to have a better idea of when you must replace or repair it because being ignorant of its condition can lead to dangerous, unexpected situations.

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