What Are the Best Fishing Lures to Catch Huge Fish?


It’s the moment every angler dreams of. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces as you haul in a 10-pound fish. You’ll be a local legend, with bragging rights for life!

Unfortunately, you can kiss this dream goodbye if you’re not using the right bait.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of the best fishing lures to help you on your quest to catch that elusive trophy fish.


Swimbaits refer to large, paddle-tailed baits designed to imitate a gizzard shad, stocker trout, or hitch. These lures range in size from three inches up to one foot.

Swimbaits offer accurate depth and speed control. They are also silent, with a fluid body motion, tempting even the most cautious of fish.  

These lures are heavy, sometimes weighing up to three ounces, so be sure to use a heavy-duty swimbait rod.


Due to their versatility, jigs are one of the best fishing lures to buy.

Jigs have a weighted head on one end and a hook on the other. They are outfitted with either a plastic grub or feather skirt trailer to help them blend in.

Jigs are great for bottom feeders as the jig’s weight allows it to sink. Even with no effort on your part, a jig’s skirt will flare and dance with the current, luring those big fish in.

The type of trailer you use determines the color, weight, and fall rate of your jig.  

Glide Baits

Glide baits, sometimes call slide swimmers, are identical to hard plastic swimbaits except they have a single join in the middle. This join allows them to swim in a wide “s” shape.

Glides are slow swimming baits and are best used in clear water.

To use a glide bait, simply cast it out and slowly retrieve it. As your skill develops, you can add in pauses, twitches, and turns to entice even the most stubborn of fish.


Spoons were originally exactly what the name suggests, metal spoons with the handles cut off. They’ve come a long way since then, with some manufacturers making spoon lures up to 9 inches big.

A spoon’s concave shape and wobble imitate an injured gizzard shad, a meal that very few big game fish will pass up!

You’ll need to react quickly when you get a bite, so make sure you use a high-speed reel.  

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Buzzbaits are one of the best fishing lures for big fish.

Best used in low light, the buzzbait skims across the water, triggering an attacking instinct in the fish. It is a great lure to use if you want to draw fish out cover.

You can cover water quickly with buzzbaits, so they are a useful tool for testing unfamiliar waters and eliminating dead zones.

Retrieve speed makes all the difference when buzzbait fishing, so be sure to reel that lure back in as fast as you can.

The Best Fishing Lures for the Best Fishing Experience

Next time you hit the open water, you’ll have the confidence to use the best fishing lures to catch the trophy fish of your dreams.

Those fish won’t know what hit ’em!

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