What Are the Best Winter RV Travel Destinations?

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For many RV owners, winter represents a travel dead zone. It’s somewhat understandable given the issues that tend to come with traveling in the cold, but there are still plenty of options. So the real question becomes, what are the best winter RV travel destinations?

They tend to fall into two categories. There are the so-called “snowbird” destinations that represent heading south when the temperatures start to drop. Then, there are the destinations increasingly used by millennials who see winter travel restrictions as old-fashioned and unnecessary. There has been an increased amount of millennials enjoying RV life, and thus an increase in popularity for these destinations.

Snowbird Destinations

If you’re in an area where winter presents issues, rest assured that there are plenty of options once you clear your home base.

These include Florida destinations, with the top selections being the Florida Keys, Sarasota, South Florida in general, and Orlando if you’re looking for a healthy dose of Disney World. But there are plenty of other possibilities as well. For example, Arizona and Southern California are prime destinations.

In general, the rule is to head south in Arizona and inland in California to access the desert climates that will help you handle your craving for sunshine. If you’re in the mood for something particularly exotic, you can head for Baja California in Mexico.

Other Winter Options

If you’re one of those hardier winter travelers, you still have plenty of choices. Still, sometimes it’s better to make your selection according to the available campgrounds rather than picking a general area.

One place you can head to is Hocking Hiss State Park Campground in Ohio. This park has become a go-to spot for winter travelers because you can see frozen waterfalls, access the park’s caves, and find a full array of amenities in the campsites.

There are plenty of other possibilities, too. The thermal waters in Hot Springs National Park represent a unique form of a winter escape, or you can pick a western locale, like the Zion River Resort, to escape the tourist hordes that can make seeing Zion in the summer such a miserable experience.


There’s no shortage of destinations when it comes to the best winter RV travel destinations to visit. Feel free to plan your winter RV getaway and take advantage of all the wonderful trips that are out there waiting for you.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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