What do you wear pheasant hunting?

What do you wear pheasant hunting?

Wear a long sleeve shooting shirt under a jacket or vest to avoid scratching up your arms in thick cover after taking your jacket off. Speaking of thick cover, chaps or brush pants will help you bust through briars and heavy cover with ease. Pheasant hunting is an active sport. You are almost always on your feet moving through cover. 

There is no one specific pair of coveralls that work best in all situations. There are coveralls that will keep you more concealed and others that will give you more freedom of movement when you need it.

You want to wear a vest for pheasant hunting. A vest with a built in shell holder is a smart choice. The vest pocket will hold your shells, and it will protect them from the elements and from getting crushed. A vest with good pockets for holding more shells on your belt is even better.

Check out your local sporting goods stores for gloves. Gloves that have plenty of pockets for holding shells and other tools like knives and dog harnesses. Gloves with the ability to reach your small game hunting knife from your pocket may also be a nice option.

When you are landing on the ground you are going to take a long walk before you get to your bird. If the birds are crossing roads or muddy fields, you may not have the ability to get close to the spot where your bird is going down. Pheasant hunting in the rain will mean mud in your face, because they can’t hear a dog barking from above. If you wear shorts and have muddy knees, your pants will become caked with mud. Get pants with a long cuff. If you get mud on the cuff, it won’t be traveling up the leg, and it will easily wash off at the end of a hunting day.

Hunters should wear a blaze orange hat. Orange wears better than white, and hunters have enough trouble getting white to stay clean at the end of a day of hunting. The hat can be adjusted to allow some hearing protection, and most of the time the pheasants won’t start to flush until they hear the dogs barking.

Many hunters prefer to wear blaze orange vests. This is helpful for other sportsmen that have not read up on the rules and regulations for the area they are hunting. The vests can be layered under an outer jacket or vest.

Tours are a great guide to learn about the terrain and vegetation found in the area. There is also plenty of great tips and tricks that can help you become successful.

If you hunt public land, your clothing is likely to get torn up. You can either live with it, or buy clothing that is made to withstand the rigors of scratching on brush. Check out your local stores for clothing that has a tough cotton outer with an under layer of nylon.

If you are trapping pheasants, you need boots that will help you get out of some of the thickest cover. Make sure your boots are waterproof, and that they have good insoles. These boots are going to need to dry overnight. Make sure they are not caked with mud on the inside too, or your feet are going to have a long, rough night.

Pheasants can fly away from you in every direction. You will be running to catch them, and so will your bird dog. Wear pants with plenty of pockets. If you only have your hunting pants, you can tuck a shell into your boot. If you are wearing gaiters, or below the knee socks, this is a good idea too. Boots with extra padding at the ankles will protect you from burs as you sneak through, and they will keep the pheasants from landing on your ankle.

If you are having a good day of pheasant hunting, you may be out for hours. Make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the weather and the time of day.

Put your rain suit on early. You will want to be well protected before the rain begins, and you will want to have it on before you get soaked and start to sweat. Once you have your rain suit on, start looking for your dog. If you forget your rain suit in your car or at home, you can use a garbage bag or a large plastic bag to keep you dry. Slip the bag over your shoulders and under your arms to keep your clothes dry.

Make sure you grab a hat when you go outside. You can use a hunting hat, or you can wear a straw hat in the summer. The hat will keep the light rain off your face, and you can pull it on to keep the rain off when you walk between fields or through heavy brush.

Pheasants are smart enough to fly away when you are trying to kill them. Flushing pheasants is a difficult job. If you want to have success, your clothes need to protect you from the elements even when you are running through woods and fields.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. If you need any more information on pheasant hunting equipment, make sure you read our other articles.

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