What Items Should Be in Your Everyday Carry

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In most situations, when you hear the phrase “everyday carry,” you might think of something in the tactical theater of being armed and ready for military operations, and you would be correct in your thinking. But this phrase means something much deeper, as it refers to the essential items you need on hand to get through the day, whether you are in the office, out on a four-day hiking trip, or engaged in military operations. This guide will explore what items should be in your everyday carry to prepare you for the scenarios that you may face.

Communication Devices

Above all else, while going about your day, you should always have some form of communication on standby. This could be as simple as pen and paper or cellular phones.

Whatever the method of transmission, having a means to ensure open communication will always provide an avenue for opportunities to brainstorm and connect with your peers and business associates. In the business world, you must stay linked to your leadership so that you can update them on what you are doing and speak to them about whatever questions you may have.


Possibly one of the best items you can have on hand is a multi-tool. These devices sport nearly a dozen tools for any pickle you may find yourself in. Having this many tools in one device is something that everyone should prioritize.

A Light

You can never have enough light on you wherever you go. Phone batteries die, and other gadgets have limited life as well, so having batteries and lights on hand is always a sound idea, no matter the occasion. You might keep these things in a backpack or in your vehicle; just never leave home without them.

A Water Bottle

Most people go about their day extremely hydrated without ever knowing it. Having an ample supply of water may not seem like the most important thing to carry on you right now, but when you’re in dire need, you’ll immediately realize just how frequently you need a drink. It is extremely important to carry a bottling or potting system on you for water.


Even the simplest kits have band-aids, tape, and gauze. With a small tin full of these three things, you can prevent a ton of problems while out in the wild or on your way to a professional medical facility if the injury you sustain is bad enough.

A Paracord

As simple an item as this may seem, it could potentially save your life. Not made specifically for military operations as an essential tactical gear item, paracords can be used by anyone.

It would take an extreme amount of knowledge to suspend yourself by a paracord harness, but maybe you could use it in a simpler manner, such as putting up a tent or tying down the sails on a boat. If you were in an office setting, just having a paracord on standby for any work projects that might come up would suffice.

You may not carry all these things on you at all times, but there may be a handful of these items that you find you cannot live without. This is a good habit to take on, as you never know what scenario you might find yourself in at a moment’s notice. Being prepared means knowing what items should be in your everyday carry and having the confidence that you know how to make it through most situations.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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