What Makes the Best Headwear in Harsh Winter Conditions

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As you’re preparing to brave the outdoors in cooler weather, there are a few things to remember. One of the most important is to cover your core and extremities extremely well. Covering your head will keep you from losing heat and allow your body to regulate enough heat without taxing itself to keep you warm. This summary is a short list of what makes the best headwear in harsh winter conditions so you can prepare for the upcoming seasons.

Knitted Hats

These classic winter hats are the perfect headgear for outdoor sporting or leisurely enjoying the cooler weather. The knitted fabric allows for the ideal amount of airflow while holding on to the right heat to help insulate the head. It also blocks the wind, which is crucial to keeping your body temperature stable.


This headgear wraps around the neck and lower face to allow the proper amount of airflow and insulation. What makes these so great is that they act as auxiliary insulators—your nose and mouth are inside them, and when you breathe, the air gets trapped inside. This air then heats the neck, face, and even part of the chest.


An ancient form of headwear, balaclavas cover the top of the head, the neck, and half the face, only exposing the eyes, which is ideal in extreme conditions. With fine balaclavas, the materials allow the wearer to breathe exceptionally well. They are also flexible, so this adds to their overall comfort. Headgear like this is essential in protecting yourself, which is why you need to wear warm headgear for winter and its harsh weather conditions.


Nothing can beat a hood, whether it’s on a hoodie, jacket, coat, or as an accessory. This tool is the single greatest piece of headwear because it takes headgear to the next level as you use it for multiple purposes. It can shield from the sunshine, rain, snow, and heat. You can even use it as a layer for added protection while wearing headgear to block excessive weather conditions.

This overview of the best headwear in harsh winter conditions will help you know how to protect your head during the winter.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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