What To Pack as You Gear Up for Off-Roading

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Although off-roading is a high-octane, fun, and exciting experience, you should do it with the highest safety standards in mind. Before you head for the great outdoors, you should thoughtfully prepare for the trip. Read on to learn what to pack as you gear up for off-roading.

Recovery Kit

Every experienced off-roader has a story or two about a time their truck got stuck in the muck. If you’re unprepared for this possibility, you’ll be very sorry if and when it comes. Bring a snatch strap and a few shackles to ensure you never need to improvise an escape plan.

The nylon shackles are built to stretch, which will help as you tug the vehicle out from the mud. Store the kit within easy reach of the driver’s seat. You never know what areas of the truck will be inaccessible when you’re stuck. So, it’s best to keep it close by.

Work Light

If you want to know what to pack as you gear up for off-roading, you should take careful note of the suggestion to bring a work light. Removing a pickup truck or jeep from mud and other aspects of rough terrain could take hours. You may be working on the task well into the night. With a work light, you can make sure you have everything you need to get the job done even past daylight hours.

Jump Starter and Battery Pack

A valuable addition to any vehicle, a jump starter offers an even greater advantage now because you no longer need to rely on another vehicle to make them work. An affordable, simple, and high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack gives you all the power you need to jumpstart your vehicle.


As you prepare your truck for off-roading, make sure you have Maxtrax stored away to help you remove yourself from sticky situations. Unlike the strap and shackles, Maxtrax boards allow you to get back out of the mud without the aid of another vehicle. You can use them first as shovels to help you dig out of the hole. Then, you can place them under the tires and back away from the muck.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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