What You Need To Know Before Your Autumn RV Trip

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Fall is one of the best times to hit the road and explore all the natural wonders of the country. With cooler weather, smaller crowds, and gorgeous sights you can’t see any other time of year, it’s no wonder why RVers are on the hunt for the best places to visit this autumn. Before you head out, though, there are a few fall-specific RVing rules to keep in mind. Have fun and stay safe on the road with this list of what you need to know before your autumn RV trip.

Dress for the Weather

Packing the right clothes is important for any trip, but you have to pay special attention in autumn. Fall weather is unpredictable, especially if you visit somewhere with elevation changes. Because the temperatures are getting cooler, you’ll want to ditch the flip-flops and beachwear for something a little warmer. Layers are always a good idea to help you stay comfortable no matter what the day brings. Prepare for those cloudy days by bringing waterproof boots and rain jackets, too.

Get Your RV Ready

A big part of what you need to know before your autumn RV trip is how to handle the colder weather. Start by inspecting your roof. Drizzly autumn days can lead to leaks, water damage, and a ton of stress that you don’t want to deal with. Look carefully for cracks and other damage, especially if you traveled a lot this summer. Additionally, make sure you invest in winterization gear before you start traveling in cold weather. An RV skirt is a great way to insulate your vehicle’s underbelly when the temperature drops. You’ll also need to protect your holding tanks from freezing if you plan on being anywhere near freezing temperatures this season. Even if you intend to come back and store your RV before it gets that cold, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Choose the Perfect Fall Destination

Now for the fun part: choosing the perfect fall destination. Where will your RV take you this season? You can witness the changing of the leaves in New England, enjoy a cool autumn hike and explore fall festivals in the Midwest, or take advantage of the off-season in popular locations around the country’s mountains and beaches. No matter where your travels take you, pay attention to the weather before you go. The last thing you want is to miss out on most of your trip because of big storms or unexpected temperature fluctuations.

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Written by Henry Johnson

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