Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks – 2020 Edition

2020s Best DayPacks for Hiking

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These are your best options if you are looking to carry something on the smaller size, that’s lightweight and comfortable. Nobody wants to lug around a backpack that is far too big, so a Daypack is an essential piece of kit for any established hiker.

Head to Toe Bundle with Canvas Carrying Case

This product was recommended by Christie Corso from Push The Envelope PR

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

Give the gift your favorite adventurer will actually use everyday. This American Provenance Bundle includes emergency wash and grooming essentials within a canvas carrying case for when they’re on-the-go, so their set for all upcoming camping trips, hikes, and backpacking throughout the wilderness! Including, 2.65oz Deodorant, 3.3oz Body Wash, Lip Balm Trio, Choice of Aftershave, Beard Balm or Beard Oil and Canvas Carrying Case. Available in four most popular, signature scent varieties so you can personalize the occasion:

  • Fastballs & Fisticuffs (lemongrass, bergamot, marjoram)
  • Firepits & Flannels (wintergreen, fir, cedar)
  • Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (ylang ylang, bergamot, clove)
  • Shotguns & Shenanigans (peppermint, cypress, eucalyptus)

Lowe Alpine Aeon 27 Ltr Hiking Backpack

This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from Tackle Village

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

Lowe Alpine make arguably the best hiking daypacks. The Aeon 27 is Lowe Alpine model that is a good choice for a day hike or land based fishing trip (which is what we use our Lowe daypack for). It weighs less than a kilogram but is very high quality. We like the fact it is compatible with Camel Bak or other kinds of hydration system and the Flexion harness system is very comfortable. The stretchy side pockets are super convenient to stuff an apple or banana in, or even a water bottle. It has attachments to hold walking poles and ice-axe loops for your serious mountaineers. It is not the cheapest pack, but one you’ll love and almost certainly have for a decade or more.

Osprey Talon 22 Men’s Hiking Backpack

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

This backpack Is one of the most versatile packs ever created. It comes with a dual-zipper to the main pocket. The backpack also comes with a stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment, a lid lock helmet attachment, and an external hydration sleeve. It’s lightweight, making it perfect for day hikes or your daily commute to the office.

Osprey Tempest 20 Women’s Hiking Backpack

This product was recommended by Rhoda Toynbee from 4TAdventure

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

I originally bought this backpack to wear on my dirt bike. We ride in the mountains and on trails. When we stop we get off and explore. It has turned into my hiking backpack as well because it is just so comfortable. Day hikes around the lake, in the mountains, up to a hot spring. This has turned into my go-to bag. I can fit lunch, snacks, water, an extra jacket, my hammock, and more inside. I bought this bag over 5 years ago. Zippers are all still good. The only wear and tear you can see is the dust in the mesh from hundreds of miles of dirt bike rides. I’m sure it will last more than another 5 years!

Aqua Quest Himal – Waterproof Lightweight Foldable Backpack

This product was recommended by Chee Zhiquan from TakeOutdoors

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

Aqua Quest Himal is super lightweight, weighing at only 1.1lbs. You can save the weight for other items you want to put in your backpack. It’s 100% waterproof so you can rest assured that your equipments will be kept dry after completing a rainy day hike. Last but not least, it provides well fitting shoulder straps so that your shoulders will thank you after a long hike. Bonus point – the back panel is breathable so you won’t get irritating sweat on your back after a long hike.

Deuter Speed Lite 24

This product was recommended by Aleksandar Hrubenja from ModernGentlemen

Your Best Options for Hiking Daypacks - 2020 Edition

Among the many fantastic producers of hiking gear, Deuter makes by far the comfiest hiking backpacks. Deuter Speed Lite 24 is lightweight, comfortable, and made with a lot of attention to ergonomics. Its padded back panel is ventilated, while the S-shaped shoulder straps have a 3D air-mesh lining. The design of this exquisite backpack ensures even weight distribution and comfiness by providing maximum ventilation. Although hydration is not included but sold separately (the reservoir), it’s designed to be compatible with it.

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